Monday, January 6, 2014


: a soldier who is missing in action 
: acronym meaning for "missing in action"

This post's title could be referring to the fact that I have been gone for a month. I mean, I did fall off the face of the blog-earth, after falling victim to writer's block in the beginning of December. It didn't help that I was so consumed with making almost every Christmas present this year by hand, which left little time for anything else. It could be because we packed so many activities in like visiting Bellingrath Gardens, having play dates with friends, spending days and days with family in town for the holidays, or travelling to visit loved ones in other towns. It could be the fact that I am just a loser blogger and didn't keep up with this baby like I should have. 

Yep, I could be referring to that kind of M.I.A. or I could just be referencing the singer whose song, YALA, has been used in the Nissan Rouge commercial as of late. I am a little obsessed with it. 

Regardless of the meaning of the title, of which you can be the judge, I am back. Prepare yourself for a new year of This Blessed Girl. 


  1. You're back! Hooray! Hope you had the most amazing Christmas and New Years celebrations, and that 2014 is off to a wonderful start! Those are quite some dance moves... and lyrics... songs these days do make me wonder why we aren't ALL famous...

    1. Thanks Erica! Yeah, I am back. It was really strange being away so I am hopefully back to stay. Hahaha, I totally feel you - in fact, I think I will write a song this morning. It can't take that long, right?