Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mission: Accomplished

I have been hard at work trying to get my house ready for our guests.  One of the goals I set for myself was a little project I dubbed "Operation DVD Relocation".  (Note:  "Little" is a grave misrepresentation of this project.)

You see, I have an obsession with movies and music.  In fact, our DVD collection had taken over our linen closet, one of our large storage ottomans, and two drawers in our entertainment center.  No really.  At last count, we have 569 DVDs, 82 of which are kids' dvd's.  That will be important later.

In any case, we were being taken over by DVDs and I finally decided that enough was enough.  I was taking back the linen closet, ottoman and entertainment center.  I didn't want to get rid of the movies, as we are avid movie-watchers, but we needed to streamline our storage and make for easier selection when the mood strikes.

I, of course, stalked Pinterest to find some good organization ideas and finally decided to get some plastic DVD/CD sleeves.  I found a pack of 1000 on for roughly $20 so I got two packs.  (I am going to pack my CDs the same way and I have roughly 700 of them.)  I then went to Old Time Pottery during their after-Christmas clearance sale and got 10 deep plum storage boxes.  They have almost an iridescent look to them.  They match our curtains really well.  I had received a gift card to OTP from my mother-in-law so I put it to good use.  (I also got a TON of Christmas stuff but that is for another post, I suppose).

Anyway, after putting off the inevitable for a few weeks, I finally pulled ALL of the DVDs out of their storage locations and proceeded to stack them in ABC order.  I actually went with the 'one stack of A's, one stack of B's, etc' because it would have been ridiculous to try any other way.  Here is a picture of the linen closet.  The DVDs are actually four rows deep.

Unfortuantely, I neglected to take a picture of the ottoman or entertainment center OR the stacks and stacks of DVDs in my living room floor as I was sorting.  (D'oh!  Note to self: Self, get better at documenting each step of a project for the blog.) The sorting actually took a couple of evenings to complete.  However, once I was done I began putting them in true alphabetical order and sticking the DVDs in sleeves.  I separated the movies for kidlets from the movies for adults - not "adult movies" -  I am calling them "Big Kids movies".

So the little kids movies went into one box (i.e. Disney movies, Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, you get the idea) and everything else went into the other.  The DVD cases were put into plastic storage bins.  It took 6 of them.  (Later we decided not to "waste" the nice storage bins on empty cases so we put them into cardboard boxes.)  Um, yeah.  They take up A LOT of space.  

So how many decorative plum boxes does it take to hold 569 movies?  Two.  SERIOUSLY.  I WAS SO EXCITED!!!  Observe.

Did you spot them?   Canon has a box of his DVDs right under the TV.  He uses the DVD player the most so it sits on top of his box.  Our movies were placed on the shelf of a nearby table.

Oh yeah, don't mind all the mess.  Or the too-short curtains.  Or the fact that I took this picture at night and the light in our house is terrible.  Yeah, look past that and into the glory that is our minimized DVD space.

Now that this is done, we can actually put the extra blankets in the ottoman (which is why we bought them in the first place) and we can put our linens back in the linen closet (WHO DOES THAT?!).

We can check one thing off the list.  Here's a recap just to keep a tally.  And because I like to mark things off of a list.  Makes me feel accomplished.

my house projects to tackle before we have company
  •  prime and paint the pantry door
  • hang the pantry door (yes, right now we have no pantry door)
  • remove shelving from the guest room
  • remove desk and file cabinet from the guest room
  • hang curtains on window and closet in guest room
  • move bed to the center of the wall in guest room
  • put sheets and comforter on guest bed
  • clear master bedroom of clutter
  • hang something on the wall above the cat's food
  • complete (so obviously, also begin) Operation DVD Relocation Project
  • store living room blankets in ottoman
  • hang SOMETHING in large frame on living room wall
  • hang SOMETHING in frame over bed in master bedroom

Woo hoo!  Two things down!  I am well on my way...sort of.  My goal is to have everything done by next weekend.  I am beginning to think that may be a little lofty.  We will see.

Wish me luck!