Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Light Show

As I stated yesterday, after shooting the fireworks, I was ready to see what we could do with sparklers. We actually played a little with them by the water also. Most of the kids were having a blast, but Canon was a little weary of them so he stayed with Craig most of the time.

Since I didn't have my tripod {doh!} all of the people ended up blurry but the light trails are fun.

After the fireworks we headed back to my parents' house for a little fun of our own.

We started out small, just to see what these babies could do. They started drawing shapes in the air. The common circle.

We got a double infinity.

Getting a little messier...

 Craig even acted as a aircraft marshaller.

Oh, but it had to go downhill sometime. My super mature brother decided to draw a large backside. "I'm gonna touch the butt!"  That sparkly booty is now forever immortalized in photograph form. Well played, Walker. Well played.

After standing still for a while, I wanted to see what it would look like if they were moving around a lot. I asked for some "ribbon dancing" of sorts. Of course, my brother and sister took that to mean "an epic battle worthy of any Harry Potter scene". Potato. Potahto.

Not sure, but I think this means Walker was winning.

Fancy footwork Weatherly...

...but it doesn't seem to be enough to withstand his force.

Victory dance then ensued.

This was definitely one of the best times that I have had in a long time. There was so much laughter and ribbing, and only a couple of burns.

RIP Craig's shirt. It sustained three burns and couldn't be revived. It is survived by Craig himself who lived to tell the tale. Thank the good Lord for that.

I also learned some very valuable photography lessons {ahem...tripod} that I will be implementing next time.

Oh, but come back tomorrow for more Fourth of July weekend fun with Craig's parents. You know you wanna.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Baby you're a...

Nope, not gonna even finish that lyric. Ugh, how overplayed can that song get on Independence Day and New Years' Eve?! Too bad because it is really catchy and kind of fun to dance to, but out of self respect and the respect of those around me, I shall refrain.

After a fun afternoon swimming in the bay, we settled in on the pier to watch beautiful colors burst against the night sky. Every year, I look forward to trying my hand at taking interesting and different photos of the fireworks show. This year was no exception, so I found a spot on the pier, and since I had forgotten my tripod {seriously, who does that?!}, I took over a piling so that I could rest my camera on it. Then I went to town. Chug-a-lug. Sorry, stupid joke that Craig and I saw on tv once that makes no sense, but still makes us laugh.

Back to the task at hand. Since I didn't have a tripod, the light trails are wiggly. Yes, technical term. I kind of like it though. 

The people who plan and produce this show every year are amazing. I love all of the shapes and colors that they create with the fireworks.

These gold sparkly bursts are my favorite, but they always look "fuzzy" in my shots. I will have to keep working on them though because they really are awesome.

The 80's are making a comeback, however unfortunate for the fashion scene. This just screams Weird Science to me.

Menacing much?!

Ah, a bouquet of light. Lovely.

I am honestly not sure how I managed this one, but it looks like someone scribbled on the night sky. I think it is cool.

Playing with my camera's settings throughout the show meant that I got to test my knowledge on light manipulation. It also got me really psyched to play with our sparklers once we got back to my parents' house that evening. I will share those with you tomorrow. Come ready to be amazed at my family's weirdness.

"Make em go ah, ah, ah as you shoot across the sky-y-y!"

Crap, I couldn't stop it. I apologize.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let Freedom Ring

When it comes to sharing with you guys our adventures I tend to skip around a bit. Partly because that is how I edit photos. Partly because I get bored with writing the same type of post so I assume that you get tired of reading the same type of post too. With that said, I decided to bring in a little Independence Day fun in to the mix to shake it up a little. Also, because I felt that posting about the fourth of July in August might be a little odd. However, in true Whitney fashion, I will extend this day out into a couple of posts so you can get a true feel for the day vs. night activities. You're welcome.

Our family's tradition for Independence Day is to spend it in Fairhope, AL with our families. We usually will congregate at my grandparents' house, which is within walking distance of the bay and "party hard" {i.e. eat and drink whilst running after kiddos} until the sun goes down and the fireworks come out. This year, in order to accomplish this, we had to travel a bit further down so we split our time staying with my parents and Craig's. My grandparents are in the process of moving, so the whole party-at-their-house thing went out the window this year. Instead we had a low-key morning with my parents and siblings before heading to the bay to watch our water baby swim all afternoon. Seriously, the boy couldn't get enough.

I asked Craig to stand in front of the sun so that I could test out some lighting stuff. Really I just wanted to get a picture of him alone. #hubbahubba

The fourth of July weekend is the one time of year that Canon is guaranteed to see his cousin Gracie, who lives in Texas, so when she came to swim with him he was...overjoyed to say the least. It doesn't matter what she does - he thinks it is amazing. Case in point: here she is throwing a stick so he can go get it and bring it back to her. I believe that most experts will call this game "Fetch" and it is generally played with a dog in the position of Canon. Go Gracie!

One thing to note about Fairhope, AL : they have epic sunsets.

Once it began to get too dark to swim, we gathered up the kids and headed to the pier to get settled in for the fireworks show. I couldn't resist one last picture before everyone crowded out this spot though.

I will be back next week with shots of the fireworks so you can get the full experience. Get ready.