Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Boy Talk : Soccer 2015 Season

So, I don't know if you know this but...I have this kid. He's the greatest. Bar none.  He is smart and funny and so stinkin' cute I can't stand it sometimes. He's also a pretty good little soccer player. And what's more? He L-O-V-E-S it. And man, it is so fun to watch him out on the pitch. 

I, of course, have my camera on hand to document his spectacular abilities for the sole purpose of highlight reels later in life. Obviously, he will have a ton of shots to show off, but right now I have to be careful not to add other children to this blog. I haven't asked their moms' permission yet and we all know about getting the mom's permission to do anything. If you don't have it, you're dead meat. So to save my own hide, it was actually kind of difficult to find pictures for this blog. 

Never fear, dear dad reader. I found a few. Check out some highlights from 2015.

See the foot-on-ball placement? Professional in the making. Mark my words.

After every practice and game, he has to practice more. He never wants to leave the fields.

Yeah, he thinks he's hot stuff. We're STILL trying to learn humility here.

My parents happened to be in town for Canon's very first tournament {total coincidence, I'm sure}. Apparently, his bag was so weighed down with supplies for the day that he needed help carrying it, but instead of taking the whole bag, my dad just lifted it off of his back. For the entire half-mile trek to the field.

And it was COLD in the shade. I actually still remember just how badly I was shivering. It was pretty difficult to take pictures.

His team did so - well - horribly in this tournament {lost two games and tied one} that I'm not sure why they got medals. I guess the whole "everyone gets a medal for participating" thing - total crap, but whatever. He was excited so there's that.

Even though his team didn't do well, Canon did get 2 goals in the second game and 1 in the third. He was so proud!

2015 actually proved to be a fantastic start to some great seasons of soccer for Canon. He ended up with a great coach that really helped him learn and grow as a player. He was on this coach's team through the first half of 2016 also {which means you'll see him later, I'm sure} and we wish he was still our coach now! In the two seasons of 2015 {17 games, which included 3 tournament games}, he scored a total of 55 goals and 12 assists. Yes, I am that mom that took score. Come at me, bro! Also, yes, I know that's a lot, but here's the thing. They were 5 years old. And most of them didn't even care to be out there. Canon loved it so he was hustling and running circles around the other kids. Trust me, it evens out in the years to come.

I know this is a Pulitzer-prize winning post *eye roll of the century totally expected*, but I am happy that I get to document my boy's climb to greatness. And since you're along for the ride, you're welcome.

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