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Hi guys!

I'm Whitney.  I believe in living life without regrets.  I believe that it isn't about how much money you do or don't have, it's about doing what makes you happy.  It's about experiences.  It's about exploring the world and stepping out of your comfort zone.  It's taken me a while to get to this place where I finally get it - that my life is mine to live the way I want instead of what I think others expect of me.  Sure I still have those moments, but I am definitely trying to shape my world to what I want it to be.

So let's meet our cast of characters and hear the back story, shall we?

 I am the wife of this guy -

This is Craig. So handsome.

 - and Mom to this guy - 

This is Canon.  Dude is a ham!

Craig and I met (wait for it) on the internet.  After two years of dating, we were married and three years after that we had Canon.  

I grew up dancing - ballet (always my favorite), tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, hip hop, you name it I did it.  I even taught for a while, but gave it up when I found out I was pregnant with Canon.  Although I still love dance, I feel like it was the right thing for me.  During my last year of college, I was given the opportunity to study abroad.  I jumped at the chance and so began my love affair with travel.  Photography came later during a trip to Spain and has turned into my new artistic outlet and passion. 

Craig grew up drawing and sketching and knew from a very early age that he wanted to be an architect.  However, during that same trip to Spain, he also realized that he loved painting (and was really good at it).  

We both have a love for travel, though I'll admit that my Wanderlist has a few more extreme places on it than his (i.e. Antarctica).

Canon is all boy - he loves sports, rough-housing, and superheroes.  He is an amazing car-traveler since we have been on the go since he was just a few days old.  We are excited to introduce him to new cultures and languages.  He is very adaptable and I believe that he will thrive, wherever we end up!   

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