Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Did you know that Thanksgiving is in two days? Let me say it again. THANKSGIVING IS IN TWO DAYS! How did that even happen?! Weren't we just celebrating the New Year of 2014 or something?!

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I started to write a blog post that listed some things that I was thankful for, but the problem is that I was so extensive with that topic in my 32 for 32 post that I had a hard time living up to the task. It's not that I don't have more to be thankful for - AT ALL - it's just that I couldn't seem to step up to the plate and fully explain why I was so thankful for the small stuff. So instead I will let you in on our nighttime prayers with Canon. Each and every night we take turns thanking God for the things that we have. For instance, last night was Canon's turn so he thanked God for his room, his paintings {the ones he made and the ones he didn't}, his stuffed animals, and the stuffed animals that used to be mine when I was a child that I apparently gave to him. He thanked God for his friends at school and his cousins. Also "thank you for our whole family and the whole Earth". He really likes to make sure he encompasses everything, that one.

The prayers coming from Craig and I tend to hit on things that we have faced that day or in the coming days {"help us to have a safe drive on our trip", "help us to all get a good night's sleep", "help us to not stress over this and that", etc}.

However, regardless of who is saying the prayers, they always end in the same way and I felt that it would be good to remind myself this holiday of those things that we are most thankful. May it help to remind you as well that we are all so blessed if we simply have the necessities. After all, they are all we really need.

"Thank you God for the roof over our heads, the food in our belly, and our family and friends. Thank you most of all for sending Jesus to save us so that we could live with you forever and ever. Amen."

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hiking in the freezing cold of...fall

As you should all know very well by now, we love going hiking. We love all that north Georgia has to offer. And we all love the cold. Well, you may not know that part yet, but you will come to learn. It is not that we actually love being cold. It's just that...well, it's nice to bundle up and breath in crisp air. Or stay inside and drink hot chocolate by the fireplace. When it is hot, though, it is just miserable. I mean, who wants to sweat just walking outside?! {Ahem, Gulf Coast, I'm looking at you.}

When we moved here six months ago, one of the things we were so looking forward to was the change in seasons. All of them. It is exciting to us to see the gorgeous changing of the leaves, then watching them fall to the ground as they dance in the wind. This year the whole country is experiencing an extremely early winter while it is technically still fall. Though I know that this likely means it will be a harsh few months once winter does hit, we are loving the coolness {coldness?} now. At the beginning of November - the first day of the month to be exact - we decided to brave the almost-literally freezing temperatures and go hiking close to home. We bundled up in layers upon layers of clothing and socks, and took to the Little Kennesaw and Camp Brumby trails for some winter-y fall hiking.

Before anyone says anything about {grandparents}, yes he does have gloves. He really, really, really loves pockets though and since they were fleece-lined we didn't mind him foregoing the gloves as long as he kept his hands warm.

This rock - the one Canon is standing on in the prior picture - really caught our attention. I said it looked like it was formed by lava. Craig said water. Turns out it was actually formed by lava. While under water. We were both right. #iwasmoreright #notatallcompetitive

Since we have starting hiking, Craig has given me his hand {and helped Canon too} over large rocks or steep hills. For whatever reason, on this particular day Canon remembered that and "helped" me over every single step down or up that we came across. It was such a great reminder that he watches everything that we do and that he idolizes his dad. It also made me so thankful that he has such a good role model for how to be a man.

I love his adventurous spirit. Everything is exciting and fun. Case in point? These rocks. There may be even ground to walk on, but he will take the rocks every single time.

I have never seen one of these guys before it turned brown. Cool, right?

Don't ask what I am wearing...I was warm and that's what matters.

Both of my boys love drawing and brought along sketch pads for our hike. #likefatherlikeson

Craig was fascinated by the size of this leaf and really wanted Canon to take note of it. Canon, on the other hand, really wanted to ham it up for the camera. Guess who won?

Nope. Guess again.

There you go. Every. Single. Time.

My rock-climbing hubby was hanging on for dear life until Canon explained to him that he was mere inches from the ground. Thanks Captain Obvious.

About halfway through our hike, someone got tired and just plopped down at my feet. Wouldn't move another inch. He just sat there, leaning on my legs, half eating his sandwich until Craig finally picked him up.

So we decided to turn around and go back.

When we told him we were headed back to the car, he miraculously caught a second wind and we explored another trail.

We had a wonderful time here and we are quickly realizing that we really love Kennesaw National Park. All of it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Halloween : The Thor Life Chose Him...and pumpkin painting slash carving

He didn't choose the Thor life. The Thor life chose him.

Seriously, though how perfect is he as Thor?!

I guess this picture may need explaining. You see, he jumped off of the ledge you see behind him and into this kneeling position because this is how Thor does it. Because of his hammer. No other explanation needed apparently. At least I didn't get one.

Hark, commoners. No need for dismay. I am here to save you for assured dismay.

Gah, he is cute. Sorry ladies. He is mine for at least the next, oh 20 years.

We had my brother and sister over the Sunday after Halloween since they usually come over on Sundays for dinner anyway. This time, though, we decided to paint and carve pumpkins. I mean, who does that before Halloween anyway?!

See Weatherly?! I did take a picture of your pumpkin. She was swearing that I only took a shot of Walker's (that you will see later). Her pumpkin is the pink and white striped one.

We put Craig on carving duty and he decided to do the most awesome pumpkin carving of all. You'll see.

Canon loved painting the pumpkins, but was so interested in the movie that we were watching simultaneously (Planet 51) that it took him almost two hours to complete that thing.

And here is why I took an individual shot of Walker's pumpkin.

Funny, right?

 It was a Pac-Man ghost and you turned it around to see the other side. I thought it was awesome.

Canon's creations were a little more...abstract. He loved it though and that is what matters.

And now for the final reveal...

Storm Trooper for the win!

We had a great time during our first Halloween in Georgia. Who knew that just moving a couple of hours north would prove to be so life-changing?! I mean, we actually do stuff now. So...woo hoo!