Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Seventh Anniversary Celebration : Cloudland Canyon - Day 3

Our last morning was a mixture of feeling settled in to a new routine, coupled with the rush of trying to get packed up and out of the site by 11 am. We tried to manage our time efficiently so we could relax when it was most important. For example, while Craig was packing up some of our supplies, I was making pancakes. #priorities

Another hit in the "better-on-an-open-flame" meal arena.

In the midst of packing up, I ran across this guy staring at us curiously.

He turned to run away as soon as I got close enough to shoot him, though. I guess he didn't want to go home with us. #asif

Packing everything early meant that we had a little time to relax and enjoy our coffee in the hammock. This was a gift from Craig's dad for his birthday the week before and it couldn't have come at a better time. It was the perfect addition to our trip.

This could not have been a more perfect "first camping trip" for me. The weather proved inexplicably beautiful - just the right amount of cool - but not cold - and zero rain. Of course, the best part about it was spending time with my guy. Anniversary trip or not, it was a romantic way for us to spend some quality time together - without being "romantic". #wedontdomushy

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