Monday, November 3, 2014

We'll be coming around Fort Mountain when we come...

A few weeks ago some friends came to visit us and we decided to take them to Fort Mountain State Park so they could get some good mountain views. It was the perfect opportunity to experience a new place and get a good look at some changing colors too.

We packed a lunch with the idea to picnic somewhere along the trails, but we ran into some traffic on the way and it added quite a bit of time to our trip. Needless to say, the kids were so hungry by the time we arrived that any shot of a nice picnic had gone out the window and we instead ate outside the "information station" while standing around and stretching our legs. Not the best start to our day, but it worked.

We decided to hike a couple of short trails that led to overlooks so that we could check out the beautiful views of the mountains. As always, they did not disappoint.

The trails looked like they should be in movies. I mean, just look at how perfect this is?!

My vote for the most awkward family photo to date is...

I mean, who holds their four year old boy like that?!

There was a run going on at some point on the trails that we were hiking. We never saw any runners, but we did see some trackers that let the runners know where to go. Naturally, Canon decided that it belonged on Craig's hat. Because...boys.

The colors were exceptionally beautiful and I just could.not.stop taking pictures every 3 steps. I am surprised I did not get lost or left because I fell so far behind so many times. Worth it.

Attention all : I love this man.

I can't decide if this is cool or looks like the perfect spot for a murder mystery thriller.

Just letting out all my crazy. Ok, not all.

We will definitely be back to visit this place again because all three of us enjoyed it immensely. Of course, we haven't found a park yet that we didn't love, so go Georgia!

The state, not the football team. Sorry Dawgs.

Roll Tide.

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