Thursday, November 20, 2014

Halloween : The Thor Life Chose Him...and pumpkin painting slash carving

He didn't choose the Thor life. The Thor life chose him.

Seriously, though how perfect is he as Thor?!

I guess this picture may need explaining. You see, he jumped off of the ledge you see behind him and into this kneeling position because this is how Thor does it. Because of his hammer. No other explanation needed apparently. At least I didn't get one.

Hark, commoners. No need for dismay. I am here to save you for assured dismay.

Gah, he is cute. Sorry ladies. He is mine for at least the next, oh 20 years.

We had my brother and sister over the Sunday after Halloween since they usually come over on Sundays for dinner anyway. This time, though, we decided to paint and carve pumpkins. I mean, who does that before Halloween anyway?!

See Weatherly?! I did take a picture of your pumpkin. She was swearing that I only took a shot of Walker's (that you will see later). Her pumpkin is the pink and white striped one.

We put Craig on carving duty and he decided to do the most awesome pumpkin carving of all. You'll see.

Canon loved painting the pumpkins, but was so interested in the movie that we were watching simultaneously (Planet 51) that it took him almost two hours to complete that thing.

And here is why I took an individual shot of Walker's pumpkin.

Funny, right?

 It was a Pac-Man ghost and you turned it around to see the other side. I thought it was awesome.

Canon's creations were a little more...abstract. He loved it though and that is what matters.

And now for the final reveal...

Storm Trooper for the win!

We had a great time during our first Halloween in Georgia. Who knew that just moving a couple of hours north would prove to be so life-changing?! I mean, we actually do stuff now. So...woo hoo!

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