Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Loves of the moment

Things are a little crazy around here these days and I find myself searching for things to clear my mind...or at least give it a rest for a while! So I started thinking that perhaps someone out there in blogland might need to rest a while too.  Without further ado, here are a few things that I am currently obsessed with that I felt needed sharing.  Brace yourselves.

1.  Groopdealz.com
This site is like the holy grail of inexpensive girly merchandising {though you must say that word a la Mel Brooks in Spaceballs. Go ahead and watch it. I'll wait.} 

You're welcome.

Back to the task at hand.  With rising prices of, well, everything these days, it is hard to stay up on current trends in fashion. I mean, who has the money for a new wardrobe every three months?! And don't even get me started on shoe and jewelry trends. They change weekly, it seems. I am not certain that even if I had the funds to supply my desires that I could keep up. Sometimes, though, a girl just needs to feel pretty and fashionable. This site has everything from jewelry to clothes to decor for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.  I can vouch for the quality of the clothes and the jewelry too.  I have yet to receive a faulty or bad quality product shipped.  *Word to the wise, though.  Most of the clothes run smaller than you think so I always order one size up from my normal.*  

The rest of these are music because I can't help but be obsessed with music.  So please take your time and enjoy your jam session.

2. Todrick Hall
So there is this guy and well, he is ridiculously talented.  Not only does he sing like an angel from Heaven, but he writes and arranges his own music and directs amazing productions that include hair, makeup, and costumes worthy of Broadway. A friend of mine posted one of his videos the other day and reminded me just how much I loved watching his creations.  So, thank you Chris for the reminder and for all of you here, enjoy. Then go check out his other videos on youtube.

3. Noah Guthrie
First of all, if you haven't heard of him, go right now and check him out. Everything, and I do mean everything, that he has ever done on youtube is amazing and worth your dropping everything to listen right now.  The guy has a voice so full of soul that you can't help but get lost in the sound.  He even makes "I'm Sexy and I Know It" sound, well, sexy. The exciting news is, though, that he has an original album out now! Do yourself a favor and go buy Among the Wildest Things by Noah Guthrie! I promise you will not regret it.  If you don't believe me, just check out this cover of "Wild Horses" by none other than the Stones. Or this.

Amen and amen.
4. The Piano Guys
We are going to visit my dad in Virginia {more on that later of course}, but one of the reasons we are going is to see these guys in concert.  I CANNOT wait.  These guys tear up a piano and cello, and you just can't go wrong with that combination. They are beyond talented and I can't wait to see what they perform at their show.  
Yeah, that just happened.

So just a few of my obsessions right now.  What are yours?  Please share!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The ABC's of Me

I have seen many other blogs do this post and thought it would be fun and an interesting way for my readers to get to know me a little better!

Also, I am currently on the road which means I had to use a post that I had previously written. So there's that. 

Anyway, welcome to me. Or at least a few more details about me. 

A. Available or Married?
Married and, six years later, still extremely happy with that decision!

B. Book?
Um, yes.  I like books.  In fact, I LOVE books and I am constantly working on one.  I usually read at night in bed, and I am currently working through The Night Circus.  Definitely an interesting read!

C. Cake or pie?
Yes, please. It really depends on my mood, but if there is apple pie I will choose that for sure.  Bonus points if you have cheddar cheese that I can melt on top!

D. Drink of choice?
 I love hot tea.  I drink it throughout the day - even once it is no longer hot.  So I guess I just like tea.

E. Essential item?
My camera. I rarely leave home without it. 

F. Favorite color?
Blue and green.

G. Game to play or watch?
Alabama Crimson Tide football...or my baby playing soccer!

H. Hometown?
Hmmm, that's a tough one.  I guess I am going to have to go with Mobile, AL because I lived there the most times (and the longest consecutive amount of time).

I. Indulgence?
Sitting on the couch and watching hulu or netflix.  Party animal.

J. Job?
An interesting question.  Let's just go with full-time mom.

K. Kids names?
Canon.  It fits him so perfectly too.

L. Life is incomplete without?
Complete sentences.

M. Music group or singer?
Is this asking for my favorite? That is an impossible question to answer. I love so many different genres of music, so to state one artist or group over another, while crossing genres, just isn't possible.  You can't ask me to do that.

N. Number of siblings?
Four.  All younger.

O. Oranges or Apples?
You can't compare them. Or so I've heard.

P. Phobias or fears?
I have some phobias: heights and spiders.  I also have some fears: loss of loved ones is definitely the highest on that list.

Q. Favorite quote? 
"If you know exactly what you are going to do, what is the point of doing it?"
-Pablo Picasso

R. Reasons to smile?
I have so many.  My family and friends are the best though.

S. Season?
I love football season and Winter!

T. Tattoo? 
I have three currently, and no, I don't regret any of them. Although I have tossed the idea around of more, I am trying to talk myself out of them. It is hard though, so who knows when I may give in. I am very careful with my tattoo selections.  I will only get something after thinking over it for at least a year. I choose the design very carefully and it is always very representative of an intricate part of my life.  I currently have an abstract dancer, the word 'perseverance' in Hebrew, and the Celtic symbol for the Holy Trinity with the word 'beloved' in Gaelic. If I got another, it would be something to represent Canon and it would be small.

U. Unknown fact about me?
It depends.  If you know me in real life, it is probably not an unknown fact. Otherwise, basically everything about me is unknown. Let's see. I don't like chicken, ham, turkey, etc. I am not a vegetarian, however, as I love steak and fish. Boring fact but there you go.

V. Vegetable?
 I love edamame, green beans, and broccoli.

W. Worst Habit?
I bite my nails. It is disgusting and looks terrible but I cannot stop. I am definitely trying.

  X. X-Ray?
I have had several x-rays, all for dance injuries, though nothing has been broken.  Very thankful for that.

  Y. Your favorite food?
I love grilled salmon, cheese, and pasta.

  Z. Zodiac sign?

Hope you enjoyed this random post. I will try to get more prepared for tomorrow's post. Can't promise anything though so be patient with me. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

'Falling' Around

Oh, Fall. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

College Football is everywhere

Cooler weather means sweaters, scarves, jeans, and boots.  

My anniversary is in October and my birthday is in November.

Thanksgiving is always a fun get-together with my husband's side of the family.

Fall means that winter is coming and THAT is my favorite season of all. I LOVE cold weather!!!

I know what you are thinking.  Why the heck do you live in Florida where it is the dead of summer 50 weeks out of the year?!  My answer?  I have no idea.  

Well, that isn't entirely true.  We live here because family is close so Canon can grow up with almost everyone around him.  That is more important than our love of cold weather...I guess.

Even though we don't really have fall weather, I want to expose Canon to the joys and activities that this season brings.  That means pumpkin patches, Halloween costumes, and hayrides.  Last week we did two of those things - with Canon's best friend.  Seriously, life just doesn't get any better than watching your three year old giggle and play with his best friend.


By now, you have probably noticed that I do not have any pictures of the family that we went with.  Here's the thing. I haven't spoken with their mother to find out if she is ok with me posting pictures of her babies. I mean, she doesn't even have a Facebook page, so it makes me wonder how much she really wants "out there".  Some people don't like that and I definitely don't want to have to stop taking pictures all together when the boys get together, so I thought I should clear it first.  I couldn't resist this one though since they are all playing together so well and you can't see their faces.  That's ok, right?

I don't usually like to edit my photos this much, but this picture just screamed "antique photograph" to me...if you don't look too closely at the very modern tractor.  

The corn box is always a hit...except with my kid.  No, he doesn't like the corn get into his clothes or in between his toes.  I can't say that I blame him because - gross - but I definitely try to push him into it because I don't want to pass all of my idiosyncrasies on to him.  The boy is going to have enough issues with just having us as parents.  No need to make it worse.


We had a blast wandering around and letting the kids play on the slides, swings, horse rides, and hayrides. I had cream soda for the first time - probably since high school.  Don't even get me started on the boiled peanuts.  Let's just say my mom was glad she wasn't there - I may have slapped her because they were that good.  I took about 350 pictures {that I actually edited} on this trip, but because the other kids were in most of them, they will be kept for our families' enjoyment...at least until I get the ok.  Man, this being responsible thing stinks!

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The first pumpkin patch of the season

Canon's daycare is housed in a church, which hosts a "pumpkin patch" every year. They have pumpkins brought in to the front of the church grounds and sell them to raise money for different areas of ministry. I, of course, love the photo-op aspect of it all, so we stopped by after picking him up from school last week.


He informed me that "Friday isn't pumpkin patch day!  Only Tuesday is pumpkin patch day!" because his class was going to take a field trip the following week to visit the pumpkins.  It's a good thing I was able to convince him we could go twice - he ended up missing his field trip due to fever.  :(

That day, however, he had fun racing through the pumpkin lanes and rearranging everything.

Craig and I just enjoyed watching him play, but we did manage to get a couple of photos with him.

Don't you just love fall?

If only the temperature had gotten the memo and dropped it like it was hot. Because it is.

P.S. - If you are noticing a decline in my photo quality, have no fear.  I am too. My camera is in pitiful shape and I fear that I may need to replace it in the near future, but am not sure how that is going to happen.  Say a prayer that it holds on for a while {read: at least 3 years} longer.  Thanks.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


On days like today, when I am so incredibly frustrated with situations as they are, I lift my spirits by listening to songs like these and remind myself that nothing is permanent.

I am so thankful for that.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The King of the House

I got Ange as a kitten in 2001 to help me cope with the loss of a loved one.  It's true what they say - animals are amazing healers of hearts.  He and I became inseparable. He was definitely my child from day one and we have been through a lot together.  Through it all he was my main man. But since he will not stop biting my hands and giving me the stink eye...well, I will just him tell you the rest.

Hey guys.  It's Ange here.  Yes, my woman did give me a name that means "Angel" in French.  Yes, I am all boy man male. What can I say?  I saved her.  You're welcome {bump paws}.  Besides, David whats-his-name played a vampire named Angel on tv and he pretty much kicked butt.  Or so I heard since my mom didn't like those tv shows (that should have been a sign - she apparently doesn't have a soul. Wait, she is a ginger.  That statement is confirmed.).

Anyway, my mama rescued me as a kitten.  I can still remember coming home that day in a chinese take-out box {of course it was clean!} because I was so tiny.  I was cute, I'm not gonna lie.  That girl couldn't resist the likes of me.  I mean, really though, who could?!  We lived through relationships, breakups, sickness, travel, and moves, and my loyalties never faded.  She needed me.  I couldn't blame her.  So I did what any loyal friend would do {ahem} and I propped her up and made sure that she didn't fall into a deep pit of despair.  She wouldn't even be here without me {that ungrateful little...}

Then one day, she met this guy I like to call Satan, but to whom the traitor refers to as Craig, or honey, or babe, or gag me. At first it was harmless.  She spent more time on the computer, but at least she was spending her evenings petting me, as it should be.  Then she started going out more.  Then he started coming around MY house.  The nerve.  Oh, but wait - it gets better.  He actually asked her to marry him - AND DIDN'T EVEN ASK MY PERMISSION!  Seriously, who does this guy think he is?  And yet...she said yes. Did you hear that horrible cracking sound that was heard 'round the world December of 2006?  That was the sound of my breaking heart. 

Of course, I didn't realize at the time that marriage meant we actually had to live with this guy.  That means he is around all. the. time.  I kept waiting for her to tell him to go home - that we were tired of him.  That didn't happen.  I mean, I did get a bigger place to roam around in, but so far that is the only perk I have noticed.  Not enough incentive to keep from letting you know how much I despise you, dude.  Sorry.

So, what did I do?  I made sure this guy remembered the real man in her life.  I slept at her head at night so he couldn't get too close without eating my fur.  I nestled in next to her on the couch so there wasn't any room for him.  I slept on his clothes during the day so that he couldn't put them on until they were washed - again.

Alas, it didn't seem to deter him.  He was determined to win our war.  So what did he do?  He went and did the one thing that I couldn't do - he got her pregnant.  Well played.

So now I have not one, but two boys with which to compete.  Of course, that meant that I had to up my ante.  I have learned to meow and howl all hours of the day and night.  When someone tries to pet me or snuggle, I know that they are really trying to smother me so I will shut up.  Not gonna happen.  I run just out of their reach and start meowing even louder. I also leave little surprises in the form of regurgitated food around the house?  Too much?  Too bad.

I am going to get through to her one day.  She will understand how much I love her and that THOSE BOYS  can't love her the way I do.  They never will. She will always be mine. Only mine.

Ok, then.  My cat is possessive and psychotic.  Hopefully, he won't steal Craig's breath at night.  He still seems to have more of an issue with Craig than Canon, though I am sure he would prefer both out of the house for good.  He is still learning to share me, six years of marriage and one child later.  It would be sweet if it wasn't so obnoxious.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kanye vs. Emily

Today I would like to address a certain illness that is plaguing our country.  Rudeness - even while hidden behind a computer screen - is not only unnecessary, it is harmful to you and those around you.  Thoughts of anger or disappointment, loss of friends and family, and sense of loneliness are some of the side affects that may be experienced from this ailment.

Take heart, though.  I bring good news!  Even if you suffer from this socially debilitating disease, it can be overcome. You can, in time, learn to lead a normal, healthy life. Allow me to show you the differences in those that do and those that do not suffer from this sickness.

Example #1:  Good Manners

Today I got a comment from the owner of Canon's daycare.  "He is so polite! He always says please and thank you and yes ma'am. He always offers to help clean up and holds the door for everyone."  My heart was overjoyed.  We have worked hard on his manners his whole life (THREE WHOLE YEARS) and to hear that it is working is a wonderful thing. My baby is going to grow up to be a man of which I can be so proud.

One day he will be a teenager - and then an adult - that understands that treating people with respect is not just a nice thought.  It is the only way to live your life.  One day he will run across someone with an opinion that he doesn't agree with, but he will politely debate it - or keep his mouth shut.  Because his mama taught him manners.

Example #2:  Bad Manners

I sat there reading the comments to a blog that, until reading the comments, I didn't realize was controversial. In fact, it shouldn't have been. I would reference the specific posts, but the author had to TAKE THEM DOWN because people were so rude about them.  'Them' plural. As in multiple posts that were very well written, clever, and sweet, but contained one word or thought that was completely misconstrued and taken of out context.

Katie Bower, of bowerpowerblog.com fame, is a hilarious, honest, and beautiful person.  I know this and I haven't even met her.  She writes about life - her two precious boys, her third pregnancy, her DIY pursuits, her faith, her 'boyfriend' of a husband.  What she doesn't write?  Anything ugly in response to people's blatant neglect of their manners. She has gotten comments stating that "no one wants to read a blog like this" or "how can you even think to write something so offensive" or "stop complaining, you're life is perfect" or "you are so spoiled".  How does she respond?  "I appreciate your feedback and I apologize if I have offended you in some way."  Wow.

And yet, people continue to talk to her as if she has defamed their grandmother's grave.  I would hold their parents accountable - if they were less than ten years old.  As they are commenting on a blog usually read by people old enough to have their own children, I am going to assume that they are quite capable of controlling themselves and understand at least a few social protocols.  Therefore, let me be the one to explain this to them.

Numero Uno. If you don't want to read that blog, do not read it, then comment on it, then respond to comments that come after it, or argue via typed words for days over not wanting to waste time on said blog. Your words are pretty much null and void from the beginning anyway, and you continue to look more and more like an idiot with each passing moment. 

Deux. No one has a perfect life and everyone experiences hardship in some form or fashion.  Assuming, just by someone's house, that they must be swimming in money a la Scrooge McDuck...well, you know what they say about assuming things.

This isn't just for rude blog comments.  Facebook, Youtube, and news sites are being overrun by rudeness.  It is even seeping into real life.  Ghastly!

So here's some advice for anyone out there that is struggling with bad manners.  Maybe you don't realize you are being rude.  Maybe you realize it, but you can't stop it because you have diarrhea of the mouth. Maybe you don't know how hurtful your words can truly be for people. Never fear.  Doctor Mama Whitney is here today with help for you.  That's right!  For a limited time, I can take you from Kanye West to Emily Post in no time flat, for the price of $0.00!  You heard that right.  F-R-E-E! So listen up because here it comes.

People of the internet, if you wouldn't say something to someone's face, do not say it 'anonymously' or otherwise over the internet.  If you would say these things to someone's face, then God help your soul.  And buy this book. Perhaps it can help you here on Earth.

If you are still suffering with this issue, then perhaps my three year old could teach you a thing or two.

Online classes will begin in January and will be priced based on your level of social ineptitude.

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The cutest boy in the entire world

You can try to argue with me, but you would be wrong.

See that mischievous look on his face? We see that often.

Those baby blues...

He looks like he is deciding his next clever comeback.

So you see?  Your argument is invalid.  Sorry.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Apologies and Excuses

I can't even tell you how much I have missed blogging the last two posts.  It is amazing how much blogging becomes a part of your life once you really get into it, as I have.  I am so sorry for being a slacker, but I hope to plan ahead of time for the next few days so that I don't get too far behind.  I can't explain everything now, but in due time you will understand {I hope} why posting has been a bit sporadic.  Hopefully things will smooth out soon so I can spill the dirty details {and enjoy telling them}.

Until then, I will continue to post as if nothing is happening.  To prove it?  Let me tell you about the man behind the mask blog.

Craig and I met online, of all places.  Though now that is pretty commonplace, 8 years ago...not so much. I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship a few months prior and was ready to meet someone who was - well - the opposite of the type I usually dated. I built my profile and added a picture of myself in {what I thought was} a sexy, though definitely not slutty, green dress.

Exhibit A

I have yet to live that dress down.  Craig still says I looked like Peter Pan.  I didn't hear him complaining though. I do remember him messaging me first, so maybe he had a thing for Never Land.  I don't know. I am not judging.

In any case, we messaged back and forth for several months. I learned more about him during that time than I probably ever knew about any other guy I had ever dated.  That's the great thing about meeting someone on the internet.  You have to actually TALK to them and get to know them.  

This is a great time to point out that I do realize that there are plenty of crazies out there that proclaim to be someone {or something} that they are not. You know, like French models. Bonjour!  Please be careful and do not be too trusting or gullible.

So, we learned almost everything about each other - from family history to favorite foods and sports. *Cough and I got a background check done on him *cough. What?  You can never be too careful.  Besides, you definitely would have also if you had been in the same relationship that I was prior to Craig. 

Back to our story.  It never felt forced or awkward because we immediately clicked.  By the time the Christmas season came around, we were very comfortable communicators. Still, we were taking it slowly - until we each went to our company Christmas parties alone.  Talk about Christmas cheer buzz kill.  We were lonely.  Duh. We decided to take the plunge...and actually meet. Craig was living in Pensacola, FL and I was in Saraland, AL, so being the gentleman that he was is, he offered to drive to Mobile, AL to meet for coffee. Excuse me, but I was not about to show this guy where I lived before I actually knew for a fact that he wasn't a crazed lunatic.

Let me stop right there. How many of you know a guy that would drive an hour plus just to have coffee with someone he had never actually met?  Yeah, me either - until this guy.  Desperate or lovely?  I was definitely still trying to decide.

So coffee turned into dinner at my favorite restaurant.  Dinner turned into a walk through Bellingrath Gardens to see the Christmas lights.  THAT turned into driving to Fairhope, AL {an hour and a half from the gardens} to sit on my favorite pier {where, by the way, he had thought to bring an extra coat in case I got cold}.  Ten hours later, I got a sweet kiss goodnight as he dropped me at my car at the coffee shop in Mobile and drove all the way back to Pensacola while I made my way to my apartment.

Picture taken while in Valencia, Spain just a few months before our wedding in 2007. Craig just pointed out that we look like a couple with a lot less stress.  Yes, there's that.  Now, though? We may have more stress, but we also have more to be thankful for...and we definitely have more joy.

So began our love story.  Well, sort of.  We kind of hit a bump when I may have freaked out a little bit about defining our relationship and we broke up for a bit. My bad. We don't really talk about that. Thankfully, he gave me a second chance and now here we are, celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary with a spunky little three year old boy that is the best of him and me.  

Yeah yeah, I can hear you now. So what, Whitney?!  Why are you gushing about your better half on this here interwebs?!  Well, we just celebrated Craig's birthday and our anniversary this weekend so I am feeling a little nostalgic. So...sorry.

A few more responsibilities...a few more pounds.  A lot more love.
Photo taken by Ken Gehring

Have a great Tuesday! I WILL see you back here tomorrow!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Warning : Sappy post ahead. Tread carefully.

In our world today, a lot of people tend to forget that "things" aren't really all that important.  I am sure that they realize that "things" shouldn't be important, but their priorities suggest otherwise.  Such a high value is placed on items that we now view success in a strictly monetary sense.

I can honestly say that it doesn't take much to make me happy. To remind me just how much I have to be thankful for. I am not trying to toot my own horn or anything. Maybe I am just easy to please.  :)

You see, I grew up in a big, tight-knit family. {Pause for The Waltons theme song.} We didn't have a lot of money, but we made the best of everything. We laughed together and loved each other through every situation.  Sure, it wasn't ALWAYS fun and games, but the good most definitely outweighed the bad. Even now, we place such high value on our relationships that I know that I can count on them for anything {see: my brother picking us up and driving two hours round-trip just to help us out}.

Also important to note - "family" isn't always a blood relation.  I have people that I could count on for anything, and I don't share their DNA even slightly

Yes, I definitely realize how blessed I am.

Another relationship that I {obviously} value is my grandmother.  I call her daily just to check in and let her know that I am thinking about her.  And once a month, we travel five hours to see her and the rest of our family in Reform, AL {aka "the country"}.

Visiting the country and watching my boys play is pretty high on my grateful list.

Also, eating fruit directly from trees that haven't been touched with anything other than sunlight and rain is amazing.

It's the simple things in life for which I am so grateful and I vow to remind myself that these things {family, relationships, my boys, and our experiences together) are the things that are most important - no matter what is going on around us.  I promise to remind myself daily that I am the happiest, wealthiest, and most successful person in the world.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My own personal Fear Factor

When we visit my grandmother in Reform, AL once a month {as talked about here}, I try to find something new and interesting to capture in my camera.  I want to constantly push myself and learn the art, while getting different shots each time we go.

In August, something caught my eye that both horrified and fascinated me.  They say that you are most fascinated with the things that scare you.  This must definitely be true because I am terrified of spiders. Case in point:  a story for you.

One morning, several years back {before Canon was even a twinkle in our eye}, I was getting ready for work. Craig had already been at the office for a while *coughoverachievercough*, but I of course didn't go in until 8 am.  After getting dressed and ready, I walked into the kitchen to make my lunch and stopped dead in my tracks.  There was a HUGE {3 inches!} spider on the curtain of the sliding glass doors.  My blood immediately turned cold, and I stared for several minutes before I could make my mind start thinking about what I could do to get rid of it.  I couldn't even fathom the thought of leaving the house without knowing it was no longer around.  What if it stuck around until that night and was waiting for me when I got home?! What if it killed my cat with its poisonous venom?! No, something had to be done now.

So, I did what any respectable, self-dependent woman would do...I called my husband.  I laid out the situation for him and asked him how I should free our home of this tyrant.  He suggested the broom.  Great idea.  I ran to the garage as quickly as I could since I did NOT want to lose that thing and not know where it crawled.  I, of course, kept Craig on the phone as I attempted to annihilate that creature while standing at least 5 feet away.  No go.  {And no, even though Craig likes to tell it this way, the spider did NOT actually take the broom from my hands.} However, I did lose it - the spider, not the broom.  I panicked.  I could not let it out of my sight for fear that it lay thousands of babies and their army of arachnids would attack us as we sleep.  So I told Craig, in no uncertain terms, that I needed him home. Immediately.

Let's take a minute to think about this.  I told my husband, who was already at work, to come home and kill a spider. Ridiculous?  Only if he hadn't listened.

He agreed {smart man} and got off the phone with me, at which point he turned to his buddies to relay the story of the massive arachnid that his wife was fighting to the death.  They all agree that he would score huge husband points if he went home to save the world save my life.  Oh, and he better bring the spider back to the office to show them because it sounded really impressive.

After a grueling 15 minutes of finding, and again losing, sight of my arch nemesis, Craig FINALLY arrived home.  He took the broom and poked around until he found Shelob and delivered blow after blow until it finally ceased to be. It could have just been one swat, but from my view on top of the chair it seemed like at least seventy. He then proceeded to place it in a plastic bag (for the viewing at his office) and began to make fun of me for exaggerating it's size.

For the record, I didn't exxaggerate.  Once dead, the spider's legs were curled underneath itself and appeared much smaller.

In any case, that day Craig became my hero and was hailed as the greatest husband and spider killer in the world. All hail Craig.  He defeated Shelob and saved our world from evil!

As you can see, I don't really like spiders that much, but when I saw this massive spider in Reform on our last trip I couldn't stop taking pictures of it - with my zoom lens of course.  You can't be too careful, you know. He could have jumped on me or shot me with some webbing like Spiderman.  I couldn't take that chance.

For the record, we spared this spider's life.  He wasn't threatening our household and was therefore allowed to live. You're welcome Aragog.

Also, yes I am now squirming in my chair after looking at these photos again.

*PETA:  Please do not come for me.  I do not kill all creatures great and small - only the ones that wish me harm and are taking over my humble abode.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Like a little fish

I have this thing about water.  See, I want my kid to survive and since we live around so much of it, I feel like he should know how to survive in water.  Makes sense, right?  So, we put him in swim lessons at the local YMCA.

He definitely thought he was hot stuff and always wanted to "go first" in every exercise. This child had no fear of the water.  For those of you that have been around him and swimming pools - I know you are wondering which child I am speaking of.  It couldn't possibly be Canon, who was too scared to get in even when Mom and Dad were holding him?!  Oh yes, one in the same.  He was gung-ho about these lessons.  I haven't yet decided if he loved them because:

   a) He loves the water now
   b) It felt good because it was so hot outside
   c) He loved Miss Chrystina and wanted to impress her.

I am leaning towards 'c', but I can't be sure yet.

His first session, with Miss Chrystina, lasted for two weeks and he LOVED it - and her.  He thinks she hung the moon, and even though swim lessons are over he looks for her each time we go to soccer practice at the same facility.

Though he can certainly "swim" with a flotation device now {water wings or the equivalent}, he still hasn't figured out how to stay afloat in the water on his own.  Or maybe he just wants to see his crush again. Hmmm. Back off, girl!  He's mine for the next decade or so at least! Just kidding.

Sort of.

I will be back {at some point} with photos from the other session, as well.