Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Times & Friday Favorites

There are many {many, many, many} days in Florida where it is too hot and/or humid to be outside - at least for my taste.  Then there are days, usually right before a storm, that are just lovely.  Yesterday was such a day so we decided it would be nice to take a walk through the neighborhood.  Getting us out of the house and letting Canon run sounded like a great idea.  So I grabbed my keys and took off all of the unnecessary {read: office} keys, and we headed out hand-in-hand down the sidewalk.  We spent about 30-45 minutes at a leisurely pace, talking and laughing together.  We even began to plan dinner for the evening.

Then we got home and had our dreams of a nice evening crushed realized that I didn't have our house key. Apparently, it was on the same section of the key ring as my office keys, so it was now inside while we were pondering what to do.  Just then, I had a genius thought - let's go get our key from our neighbor, Sonia! That is why she has it after all, right?  Of course, she isn't home.  Wait, she has a key to her house in a lock box in her backyard and she gave us the codes!  We strut over to her fence and unlock the first lock with the code. First line of defense? Down!  Then we head to the lock box that contains the key.  We can't remember the code! By this time, it is getting darker so Craig heads to her shed to get a light and extension cord.  I take Canon to another neighbor's house to see if they have Sonia's phone number.  {I was wearing a cute dress that didn't have pockets so of course I didn't want to just carry my phone.}  Anyway, the neighbor scrambles around and finds the number.  I dial, only to find it is an outdated land line that she no longer owns.  Naturally. 

Holy moly, this is turning into a fun night.

Canon and I head back to check on Craig's progress.  He is still trying combinations of numbers to open the lock box, while grumbling under his breath about his wife that doesn't know which key goes to the house.  No luck, so we head to another neighbor's house - a sweet elderly couple.  They don't have Sonia's number, but by this time I realize that my mother has it so I ask to use their phone.  I dial, only to find that they don't have long distance service.  I am growing a little frustrated, but I am determined to find a way to get in touch with Sonia.  I ask to use their computer.  I get onto facebook and message both my mother and Sonia.  No dice.  I google to find out if there is a way to text from a computer {hint:  there is!}. Finally, here is something that I can work with!  I sign up for an account and text my mother to get the number from her.  Triumph!  She responds, but texts Sonia's number to my cell phone - that is in my house.  Uh, that won't work.  After a couple of tries, I finally get the number from her and dial Sonia.  She doesn't answer.  I leave her the longest message known to man and ask her to call me back.  She does, after a couple of minutes, and I ask her for the code to the lock box.  Um, she can't remember it.  However, she is a saint.  I mean, this woman is the best neighbor you could ever ask for {and not just because of this last night}.  She actually left what she was doing {enjoying a live musician} to come home and get our key for us from her house so she could let us in.  It was 8:15pm. We hadn't even had dinner.  So last night was grilled cheese and tomato soup night.  {I do love grilled cheese.}  Fun times. And with that, I give you...

Friday Favorites

1.  Our saint of a neighbor, Sonia. 
She brings bubble bath to Canon, cuts our grass when we need extra help, looks after our cat when we are away, and celebrates birthdays and holidays with us.  When we move, we are taking her with us.  She hasn't agreed yet, but I feel like eventually she will come around.  Or we will kidnap her and throw her in the moving van.  She can learn to love it.

I don't take many photos of Sonia, apparently.  We should remedy this since she really is just a member of the family.

2.  Sci-fi 
I had no idea how much I truly enjoyed the sci-fi genre of movies and tv shows.  My favorites so far have included Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, Firefly, and Continuum, which I am currently watching.  

I am sure I am missing some, but you get the idea.

3.  Oil of Olay

Yep, that came out of left field, but it is amazing how good it makes my face feel.  I mean, smooth as a baby's bottom.  For real.  Bonus : I still don't look my age!

4.  This.

It makes me giggle.

Happy Friday!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Can't wait to hear all about it!

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