Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kanye vs. Emily

Today I would like to address a certain illness that is plaguing our country.  Rudeness - even while hidden behind a computer screen - is not only unnecessary, it is harmful to you and those around you.  Thoughts of anger or disappointment, loss of friends and family, and sense of loneliness are some of the side affects that may be experienced from this ailment.

Take heart, though.  I bring good news!  Even if you suffer from this socially debilitating disease, it can be overcome. You can, in time, learn to lead a normal, healthy life. Allow me to show you the differences in those that do and those that do not suffer from this sickness.

Example #1:  Good Manners

Today I got a comment from the owner of Canon's daycare.  "He is so polite! He always says please and thank you and yes ma'am. He always offers to help clean up and holds the door for everyone."  My heart was overjoyed.  We have worked hard on his manners his whole life (THREE WHOLE YEARS) and to hear that it is working is a wonderful thing. My baby is going to grow up to be a man of which I can be so proud.

One day he will be a teenager - and then an adult - that understands that treating people with respect is not just a nice thought.  It is the only way to live your life.  One day he will run across someone with an opinion that he doesn't agree with, but he will politely debate it - or keep his mouth shut.  Because his mama taught him manners.

Example #2:  Bad Manners

I sat there reading the comments to a blog that, until reading the comments, I didn't realize was controversial. In fact, it shouldn't have been. I would reference the specific posts, but the author had to TAKE THEM DOWN because people were so rude about them.  'Them' plural. As in multiple posts that were very well written, clever, and sweet, but contained one word or thought that was completely misconstrued and taken of out context.

Katie Bower, of fame, is a hilarious, honest, and beautiful person.  I know this and I haven't even met her.  She writes about life - her two precious boys, her third pregnancy, her DIY pursuits, her faith, her 'boyfriend' of a husband.  What she doesn't write?  Anything ugly in response to people's blatant neglect of their manners. She has gotten comments stating that "no one wants to read a blog like this" or "how can you even think to write something so offensive" or "stop complaining, you're life is perfect" or "you are so spoiled".  How does she respond?  "I appreciate your feedback and I apologize if I have offended you in some way."  Wow.

And yet, people continue to talk to her as if she has defamed their grandmother's grave.  I would hold their parents accountable - if they were less than ten years old.  As they are commenting on a blog usually read by people old enough to have their own children, I am going to assume that they are quite capable of controlling themselves and understand at least a few social protocols.  Therefore, let me be the one to explain this to them.

Numero Uno. If you don't want to read that blog, do not read it, then comment on it, then respond to comments that come after it, or argue via typed words for days over not wanting to waste time on said blog. Your words are pretty much null and void from the beginning anyway, and you continue to look more and more like an idiot with each passing moment. 

Deux. No one has a perfect life and everyone experiences hardship in some form or fashion.  Assuming, just by someone's house, that they must be swimming in money a la Scrooge McDuck...well, you know what they say about assuming things.

This isn't just for rude blog comments.  Facebook, Youtube, and news sites are being overrun by rudeness.  It is even seeping into real life.  Ghastly!

So here's some advice for anyone out there that is struggling with bad manners.  Maybe you don't realize you are being rude.  Maybe you realize it, but you can't stop it because you have diarrhea of the mouth. Maybe you don't know how hurtful your words can truly be for people. Never fear.  Doctor Mama Whitney is here today with help for you.  That's right!  For a limited time, I can take you from Kanye West to Emily Post in no time flat, for the price of $0.00!  You heard that right.  F-R-E-E! So listen up because here it comes.

People of the internet, if you wouldn't say something to someone's face, do not say it 'anonymously' or otherwise over the internet.  If you would say these things to someone's face, then God help your soul.  And buy this book. Perhaps it can help you here on Earth.

If you are still suffering with this issue, then perhaps my three year old could teach you a thing or two.

Online classes will begin in January and will be priced based on your level of social ineptitude.

Just sayin'.


  1. Oh I love this! And that's super-sweet and something to be proud of, that Canon has such good manners so young! My husband lives forever in the memory of his first grade teacher for bowing and kissing her on the hand :D
    It's so true, there really is a lack of courtesy and politeness, especially on the internet. I hope your classes will be well attended ;)

    1. Haha, me too! I gotta make that money honey! I mean, I want the world to be a better place.