Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blue Ridge is Budding

My father-in-law and his girlfriend bought a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. You remember that, right? Of course, you do. Well, since it is so close to us we can take quick trips whenever it suits us. One weekend, Grandpa was up here to supervise the building of a new deck on the house so we decided to join him for some woodsy R&R.

When he began looking for a cabin in the woods, Grandpa decided it was totally appropriate to buy camouflage pants. Presumably to blend in with the scenery so that birds and small animals would land on him and he could sing songs. You know, like Snow White. Or maybe just so he fit in perfectly in the area. Canon, thanks to a super nice lady who works with my mother, inherited a pair of camouflage pants that he wears when he is "roughing it" outside. Ken doesn't come to Georgia without his camouflage pants, so we packed Canon's look-a-like trousers. For a photo-op, naturally. #twinsies

It really is a shame that no one likes this kid.

So far, we have only seen this property in the winter months, so we were unsure what to expect with everything in bloom. Though it was still early during this trip to witness the magic, we found that there are a ton of dogwood trees, maple trees, and countless other beautiful buds that cover the land. I am so stoked to see all of the color next time.

I saw this and thought Planet Earth! If you haven't seen the series, go watch it. Now. Seriously, go.

While we were out wandering peacefully through the foliage, there were guys hard at work, building a gorgeous deck that my talented husband designed. Aren't the wood shavings cool?!

It looks like the flower in the middle is ready to take flight.

There was one - count them, one - leaf that looked like this. It looked like it was still fighting the good fight, trying to hold on to fall...two seasons later.

I don't know what you are, little one, but you're special.

As usual, we headed to downtown Blue Ridge, which is a happening place as you can tell from the crowds. Just as we like it.

Also, as you can tell, I have a thing for bradford pear trees. Talk about a love affair. The boys literally had to drag me away from these lovelies.

Once again, Blue Ridge has proven to me that she is a place worthy of our time - and lots of it. I can't wait to see her in all of her colorful glory when the flowers really come out to play.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

NOLA - My Way

New Orleans - The Big Easy - welcomes people from all over the world to experience the non-stop party that it has to offer, but if you look past all of that you will actually witness an amazing culture, completely unique to this area. The music, the food, and the people set this city apart from all others. Now, everyone knows that NOLA can be a dreadfully dirty place, but there really is so much beauty in the atmosphere and the architecture that deserves to be admired. So let's, shall we?

The street notifications are really quite wonderful. Sure, there are regular road signs, but why pay them any attention when you can feast your eyes on a beauty like this?

Heeeellllloooooo color!

Even the neighborhood Walgreens has its own flavor going on.

In all of our wanderings, we actually did have a purpose. All of the runners in the race had to pick up their race packets and bibs, which of course meant that I had to take pictures while they were all together. And not sweaty.

From left to right, you will see my dear husband, my sister-in-law's (Megan) boyfriend Jonathan, Megan, my father-in-law Layne, and his son Jason. I and my mother-in-law are noticeably absent from this shot for a reason. We don't run unless someone is chasing us.

Then it was back to business as usual. I just can't help it.

Don't you just love the juxtaposition of the new {above} and the old {below} together?

No trip to New Orleans is complete without a cafe au lait and beignets from Cafe du Monde. Just a word of advice : don't ever wear black here. Trust me on this one.

On our way out of town, we stopped for gas about 20 minutes up the road from the city. The difference is night and day. From a place bustling with noises and people 24 hours a day to absolute calm at the water's edge. Truly amazing.

We have already decided that for next year's race we will go a day earlier so that we can spend more time just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. We aren't big on the night life, but we love the city and all of the other gems that it has to offer.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Roosevelt Hotel

While in New Orleans for the Crescent City Classic, we had the amazing fortune to stay at The Roosevelt Hotel. Not normally on our radar, we were given the opportunity to stay with family and definitely relished in the beauty of this place. Just check out the details for yourself.

You see this? This is the "wearefinallyinahotelroomalonewithoutafiveyearoldsogetoverhere" look. Obviously, I am taking pictures instead of joining him because...? 

Oh, yep. There I am.

Our hotel had a fantastic rooftop lounge area, complete with giant chess board. We didn't have a chance to spend any time out there, but next time...

I am not normally a wallpaper girl, but the design in the hallways was very subtle and lovely.

You've got mail? Send it the slow way...through the walls.

I spent a while sitting in the lobby, where there was something to see at every angle.

Does this look like the symbol of the third reich to anyone else?! This was only a little disturbing to us. Yes, we know it isn't exactly the same, but still - with the straight wings and all - oy. 

The chandeliers that lined the lobby were the crowning glory of this place. I couldn't get enough.

Simply put, this was the absolutely fanciest hotel in which we have ever stayed. Yep, I said fanciest, but we are so classy that I am not even going to bring Iggy Azalea into this.