Monday, April 27, 2015

The Roosevelt Hotel

While in New Orleans for the Crescent City Classic, we had the amazing fortune to stay at The Roosevelt Hotel. Not normally on our radar, we were given the opportunity to stay with family and definitely relished in the beauty of this place. Just check out the details for yourself.

You see this? This is the "wearefinallyinahotelroomalonewithoutafiveyearoldsogetoverhere" look. Obviously, I am taking pictures instead of joining him because...? 

Oh, yep. There I am.

Our hotel had a fantastic rooftop lounge area, complete with giant chess board. We didn't have a chance to spend any time out there, but next time...

I am not normally a wallpaper girl, but the design in the hallways was very subtle and lovely.

You've got mail? Send it the slow way...through the walls.

I spent a while sitting in the lobby, where there was something to see at every angle.

Does this look like the symbol of the third reich to anyone else?! This was only a little disturbing to us. Yes, we know it isn't exactly the same, but still - with the straight wings and all - oy. 

The chandeliers that lined the lobby were the crowning glory of this place. I couldn't get enough.

Simply put, this was the absolutely fanciest hotel in which we have ever stayed. Yep, I said fanciest, but we are so classy that I am not even going to bring Iggy Azalea into this.

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