Monday, April 13, 2015

A Sort of Family Reunion

As per usual, we headed to the country in February for a little R&R. Craig wasn't able to go on this visit {thanks work *sad face*}, but my parents and some of my siblings did come along so it was a bit of a family reunion. With a few missing faces.

We packed in a ton of activities while we were there. One of Grandmama's favorite things to do is cook. Coincidentally, Canon LOVES to help her cook, so they got right down to business on that first morning making pigs in blankets.

Of course, Anderson, who was still 90% asleep wanted to help.

Heck, even Evan joined in on the fun! Let's face it - he did most of the work too.

After breakfast, we took time to chill out and hang with everyone. Canon is still completely enamored with Evan and took it upon himself to lie down and talk to him and teach him about whoknowswhat.

Now for a little real life : whilst Canon was "taking care of Evan", Big Sister Anderson was busy wishing she was playing outside. She didn't even give the boys a second glance.

We took a {crappy} kite with us because we knew that Grandmama's huge field was the prime spot for some kite flying fun. Papa John put it together...

...and charged Uncle Walker with piloting it.

This is as high as it ever got. There was absolutely no wind that day. He ran so hard and for so long that even Canon lost interest and walked away. Ha!

One of my dad's little brothers came down the road with his tractor {no, I don't know what kind of tractor it is} because he was helping their big brother clear some land for his son. Did you follow that familial trail?! I barely did and I know exactly who I am talking about! Anyway, my dad and sister decided to tackle said tractor and show it who was boss.

Of course, since our family is a little vertically challenged we like to take advantage of situations when they present themselves to us.

In addition to playing around outside, my dad and brother actually did work quite a bit burning trash and underbrush to clean up Grandmama's yard.

I helped them quite a bit... taking lots of photos of everything but them working.

Having these sweet babies in Reform meant that we simply could not pass up the opportunity for a photo op with their great grandmother. These three were having so much fun taking photos that we decided to do it again the next morning.

As you can see, it wasn't nearly as much fun the second time around. Nevermind that though. The picture is still priceless in my book.

As always, we had a fantastic time just being together. Next time, Craig better be there though. It's just not the same without him.

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