Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Date Day with my little Dude

A few weekends ago, Canon and I had a date day because Craig was working the weekend. It was a beautiful day - one of the first of spring - so we decided to make the best of the weather and spent the day with a bunch of wild animals. 'Cause nothing says "I love you" like a little zoo.

The pathway from the parking area to the zoo's entrance was lined with gorgeous blooms, so of course I had to stop and smell the roses take some pictures.

We spent about 45 minutes standing in line, just waiting to buy tickets. I have all of this technology at my fingertips and I didn't think to order tickets online before we went. Seriously, Whitney?! Whatever. Sun flare!

Once we finally made it in the gate, it was animal action everywhere. Not that kind. Get yo' mind out tha gutta!

First stop - flamingos! Canon couldn't figure out why they wore bracelets on their legs. Duh. Fashion.

Our frequent visits to the Gulf Breeze Zoo in Florida proved to be a little hairy in the budgie feeding area for Canon. Ok fine I'll say it. They scared him. Not the birds themselves - at least not until they flew at him {at the food that he held right up to his face.} With that memory still fresh, he opted simply to walk through the budgie exhibit sans grub and it proved to be a pleasant and uneventful stroll.

Though judging from this shot, I think he may have hurt their feelings by not bringing an edible gift.

I don't think he noticed though because he made a nest for himself and decided to stay a while.

And I thought I had a double chin...

Zoo Atlanta is home to several pandas, and most recently a set of twin cubs were born there! They were so cute and so popular that I had to push Canon to the front to check them out while I stood in the back - so short that I barely got a glimpse. Oh, the things I do for this kid.

Evidence of spring time was everywhere from the blooms to the babies. Oh mama, I know how you feel.

This guy, though, made a huge impression on my boy. And not just because he was quite large. This komodo dragon is a baby at 5 feet long and will grow to at least 10 feet long by adulthood. In the wild, these guys will stand up on their tails to fight one another. I'm gonna let that mental picture sink in for a moment. Yeah...

Of course, Canon didn't necessarily care about the "facts". All you had to say was dragon and he thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He wasn't entirely wrong.

The boy veered off the beaten path a few times to get away from the crowds and just run for a minute. Believe it or not, he actually asked to have his picture taken and positioned himself in this bamboo. Ok, fine, I'll take the shot.

Canon thought this rhino playing with a stick like a puppy was the funniest thing he had seen all day. He sat there, watching and giggling, for a solid 5 minutes before we had to move and give other people a turn to ogle.

He may have thought that the rhino was funny, but I found this sunbathing turtle to be downright hilarious. Check out his hind legs!

When purchasing our tickets, we got the unlimited ride pass that allowed us to take the train as many times as we wished. I have to say that the train at this zoo wasn't nearly as cool as the Gulf Breeze Zoo's train, but we rode it twice anyway...because it was a train.

On the way home, we had to walk back down the path of amazing flowers and found a downed tree, which was just pleading with me to take pictures. I couldn't say no. That would have been rude.

He definitely knows the way to my heart. He picked these flowers just for me. Yeah the flowers are great, but just check out those freckles! Aren't they to die for?!

This was definitely one of our better Mommy/Canon dates. We had so much fun just running and playing and spending good, quality, one-on-one time together. Bonus points for seeing a real-life dragon too. Beat that date, Daddy! ;)

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