Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Snow Day - Round One

My brother and sister-in-law moved their family to Texas. Yep, they took those babies and headed for the Lone Star state. During their move, Morgan and the kids broke up their trip and stayed with us for a night. We let the kids play and have fun, knowing that it would be a while before they would have the opportunity again. Mother Nature, however, had a trick up her sleeve. After saying our goodnights and goodbyes {because morning schedules are always difficult to shuffle}, we headed to bed. The next morning, we awoke to a winter wonderland! Or at least, that is what it looked like to us - we who were not used to snow. I can't tell you who was more excited - the adults or the kiddos. Canon and I got to stay home for the day, Morgan got to stay longer than we anticipated, and the kids each got to experience snow for the first time. Color us all excited.

We layered on clothes and ran outside. The first thing that Canon wanted to do was make a snow angel.

He was so proud of himself!

Because Canon did it, Anderson wanted to do it as well...that is, until she found out that she would get wet and dirty when she laid on the ground. Yep, her angel didn't really come to fruition.

She did, however, love to make footprints throughout the lawn.

While the "big kids" had a blast, Evan seemed to be at war with the cold. He was not a happy camper, so our play time turned into his nap time. Next time, kid.

These two love each other so much and always have a blast playing together. Just look at her face - it screams joy.

There wasn't enough snow to make a real snowman, so Morgan built a tiny one on the hood of her car. Do what you gotta do, ya know?

There was, however, enough snow for a snowball fight.

Pretty flakes dusted our whole yard and we were so excited to finally experience snow.

Little did we know, Mother Nature was just screaming "you ain't seen nothin' yet".

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