Monday, April 20, 2015

Go Monsters!

If there is one sport out there that Canon loves, it is soccer. Now, I know it stems from my brothers all having played and so our family is a "soccer family", but the feelings are real. We signed him up for a spring team this year and were so excited to have such amazing weather for his first game.

Being five years old means that he is as fierce as his uncles - who are all now 20, 22, and {almost} 31. Scratch that. Even more fierce. Duh.

I called ahead to the soccer association and requested that they have blue shirts to match Canon's eyes this year.

While some other kids like to play on the field with everything except the soccer ball, Canon is all business, all the time.

At this age, they actually hold practice for 30 minutes and then host a game for the next 30 minutes. Everything they learn in practice is fresh on their brain so it seems to help. Plus, we only have to go one afternoon a week. #winning

Kick it in the goal, baby! Yep, that's my blur.

I was so proud to see that he was being such a good sport. "Hey, high five because I just made a goal!" Oh wait. We have some teaching points ahead of us, I see.

Goal numero dos.

Halftime contemplation on how to improve his game. It's a thing.

In all, Canon got a hat trick - that's 3 goals scored in one game - and his team won which made him even more excited for the next game.

Now if we could just get him to teach his uncles how to play. They really need some help.

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