Thursday, April 9, 2015

Snow Day - Round Two

We were so excited for our day of snow that we couldn't imagine that it could get better. Little did we know...

Well ok, so that picture didn't really make you think "beaucoup snow", but...patience.

The next morning after our fun snow day, once Morgan, Anderson, and Evan left, we awoke to a crazy snow day in the making.

That picture really doesn't do it justice either. It was falling in these huge, beautiful, amazing fluffy flakes. And quickly!

Before it completed its descent, Canon just had to write his name in the sand snow...with a baseball bat. Yep, that sounds legit.

**Sidenote : Honey? This is prime example number 560384 as to why I absolutely NEED a macro lens.**

Ok, carry on.

I called my brother and sister to come over before the roads got too icy - the theory being if everyone lost power, we still have a wood-burning fireplace. Walker took us up on the offer.

And then he decided to eat some plants.

The boys had a blast playing snowball. You know - baseball but with snow. It's a thing now.

We were also able to build a real-ish snowman, complete with sunglasses and a sock monkey hat.

At one point, the snow was coming down so hard that we couldn't get clear pictures of everyone.

But, man, was it gorgeous.

We even broke out the snow boards for the full experience. Yeah, this definitely happened. In Georgia. In our yard.

You guys! We actually got to experience real snow!!!

It may have been meager by Boston standards {thank you, God, for sparing us what could have been devastating for our area!}, but it was way more snow than we even dared to imagine here. We were so incredibly excited to see it, play in it, and play hookie in it. I mean, what better way to stay home from work and school than this?!

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