Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Like a little fish

I have this thing about water.  See, I want my kid to survive and since we live around so much of it, I feel like he should know how to survive in water.  Makes sense, right?  So, we put him in swim lessons at the local YMCA.

He definitely thought he was hot stuff and always wanted to "go first" in every exercise. This child had no fear of the water.  For those of you that have been around him and swimming pools - I know you are wondering which child I am speaking of.  It couldn't possibly be Canon, who was too scared to get in even when Mom and Dad were holding him?!  Oh yes, one in the same.  He was gung-ho about these lessons.  I haven't yet decided if he loved them because:

   a) He loves the water now
   b) It felt good because it was so hot outside
   c) He loved Miss Chrystina and wanted to impress her.

I am leaning towards 'c', but I can't be sure yet.

His first session, with Miss Chrystina, lasted for two weeks and he LOVED it - and her.  He thinks she hung the moon, and even though swim lessons are over he looks for her each time we go to soccer practice at the same facility.

Though he can certainly "swim" with a flotation device now {water wings or the equivalent}, he still hasn't figured out how to stay afloat in the water on his own.  Or maybe he just wants to see his crush again. Hmmm. Back off, girl!  He's mine for the next decade or so at least! Just kidding.

Sort of.

I will be back {at some point} with photos from the other session, as well.


  1. He really does look like quite the ladies man relaxing there by the pool and resting his arms on the sides :) So cute!