Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Did you know that Thanksgiving is in two days? Let me say it again. THANKSGIVING IS IN TWO DAYS! How did that even happen?! Weren't we just celebrating the New Year of 2014 or something?!

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I started to write a blog post that listed some things that I was thankful for, but the problem is that I was so extensive with that topic in my 32 for 32 post that I had a hard time living up to the task. It's not that I don't have more to be thankful for - AT ALL - it's just that I couldn't seem to step up to the plate and fully explain why I was so thankful for the small stuff. So instead I will let you in on our nighttime prayers with Canon. Each and every night we take turns thanking God for the things that we have. For instance, last night was Canon's turn so he thanked God for his room, his paintings {the ones he made and the ones he didn't}, his stuffed animals, and the stuffed animals that used to be mine when I was a child that I apparently gave to him. He thanked God for his friends at school and his cousins. Also "thank you for our whole family and the whole Earth". He really likes to make sure he encompasses everything, that one.

The prayers coming from Craig and I tend to hit on things that we have faced that day or in the coming days {"help us to have a safe drive on our trip", "help us to all get a good night's sleep", "help us to not stress over this and that", etc}.

However, regardless of who is saying the prayers, they always end in the same way and I felt that it would be good to remind myself this holiday of those things that we are most thankful. May it help to remind you as well that we are all so blessed if we simply have the necessities. After all, they are all we really need.

"Thank you God for the roof over our heads, the food in our belly, and our family and friends. Thank you most of all for sending Jesus to save us so that we could live with you forever and ever. Amen."

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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