Monday, November 10, 2014

Seventh Anniversary Celebration : Cloudland Canyon - Day 2 Evening

Our first stop after our 8.5 mile day was to the convenience station for some fresh water and a bathroom break. This building, though very modest (hello, campgrounds!), boasted amazingly clean facilities and two shower stalls in both the men's and women's bathrooms for those that felt the need to wash. It also was home to clean, potable, glorious water. (FYI: I have always thought that 'potable' was pronounced 'poe-table' instead of 'paht-able'.  'Paht-able makes waaaaay more sense. #themoreyouknow) We filled up our bottles to go hiking everyday from this well, cooked with it, and cleaned our dishes with it. It was definitely an invaluable resource.

After that, though, we headed straight to our camp to change clothes and get comfortable. Craig had the grand idea to soothe our feet with an ice bath, courtesy of the creek running behind our camp site.

It may have worked but it was so. freakin'. cold. that mine stayed basically only long enough to take the picture. #anythingfortheshotiguess

Fun fact : on two separate family hikes, I have gathered huge yellow acorns. I had every intention of taking a picture with Canon holding them. However, before I got around to taking the shot, they turned brown. Both times.

I was determined to take the picture, this time with Craig's hands. It didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned, but hey, at least I took it this time!

With our feet rehabbed, we got to work building a fire and cooking our meal.

Before we left, we researched different meals that were easy to make but weren't "camping food". In short, we wanted to eat good without spending hours in prep time. Craig saw the idea of make crescent rolls over the fire by wrapping them over a stick - and we love our crescent rolls - so we tested it out.

They got a little charred in some spots, but I can't tell you how good they were. This whole meal of steak, veggies, and bread was to-die-for. Cooking over an open fire produces deliciousness. Who knew?!

Mah man.

As the night before, I tried to get a "lit tent" shot. As silly as it sounds, it was at the top of my must-take shots while camping. This night, though, I tried a different take on it, getting the fire in the foreground. I can foresee this being the one of those traditional shots that we take during every camping trip.

This was our last night camping so we really tried to soak in the feeling of being in the middle of nature, seeing millions of stars through the break in the trees above our site, and basking in the stillness of it all.

I will bring you the recap of our last morning tomorrow so come back to see how we spent our last day.

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