Monday, June 15, 2015

Wonderful Weekend : Asheville, NC - Biltmore Part Three

Did I mention that there is a butt-load of acreage on the Biltmore Estate? Did I? Yes. Yes, I did. Here I am to show you more. Get ready, people. There is plenty to see.

Apparently, when people have more money than sense, they can create magical wonderlands simply for pleasure's sake. Case in point? This amazing, yet completely unnecessary, arched tunnel.

It connects one side of the walking trail to the other because...tunnel.

Though it seems like the flowers and plants grow somewhat randomly throughout the property, we learned that everything was planted in a specific place purposefully. The landscape architect, Frederick Law Olstead, actually planned the placement of all of the plants to envoke specific feelings depending on the location along the walking path. Let me tell you...he was really good. If you are into that sort of thing. Which I am.

Ooooh, look at my handsome hubby striking a pose.

Along with the walking trails and forested land, there is a lake {They called it a pond. It definitely isn't.} that you can stroll by and sit along the benches provided to enjoy the stillness of it all. We stayed here for quite a while.

I was so fascinated by this bridge. I mean, how much time, energy, and money did it take to mold bricks into a rounded formation for this top?

Although we specifically placed a rule against hiking on this particular trip as it was supposed to be nothing but relaxing, we found ourselves taking a wooded trail from the lake back to the house. My ballet flats weren't necessarily ideal for the trek, but the vegetation left nothing to be desired.

This is like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Craig.

Last but not least, I will leave you with my favorite flower of the trip. I don't know what it is, but I want to be friends with it. I think I might be in love.

Check in tomorrow to see what else I have to share. Don't worry. If you aren't in to nature photos, there will be something in it for you too.

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