Friday, June 5, 2015

Wonderful Weekend : Asheville, NC - Part Three

One of my favorite pastimes is walking through a place and forcing myself to find something interesting in the "mundane". So when we decided to go to Asheville, I was determined to take some time to do just that. To discover the little gems that others may or may not notice.

For instance, this mask was on the wall of a brewery and I loved the colors that were picked up because of the wall color. This particular bar had stuff everywhere. I mean, there were magnets, signs, and other random paraphernalia in every square inch of display space. This lovely lady just happened to have her own tiny space and she beckoned me.

I loved the grid of this building and the way the sun hit the "copper" panels just so.

This city had so many different architectural styles that it seemed like there was something different to look at around every corner.

Why yes, that is a mobile bar. Patrons would pedal as they drank, though I am certain that wasn't necessary. I do think that is a good idea though, as it would work off the calories of that beer as you consumed it. Genius!

Looking at things from a different perspective is, I think, a healthy way to view the world.

Next week I will bring you more of our adventures from our trip. I hope you are up for it!

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