Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wonderful Weekend : Asheville, NC - Biltmore Part Two

Aside from having a ridiculous mansion, the Biltmore Estate is known for its immaculate garden and grounds. I'm talking thousands of acres of amazing flora and fauna to feast your eyes upon. If you could walk that much...which you can't. At least in a day. In any case, for a girl that loves taking nature photography, I was in heaven during this part of our tour.

Along with paths and trails to walk the grounds with strategically placed plants, there was a more formal garden, complete with conservatory. Talk about breathtaking blooms!

The rose garden alone boasts over 1400 roses. Normally I don't love roses, but some of these were so beautiful I just couldn't stand it.

Of course, no trip to a legit garden and conservatory is complete without a facebook picture update. Right, babe?

The conservatory had sections of plants types, from tropical to arid and everything in between.

Check out this lovely lady. I mean, seriously, how creative is that?!

Although there was a sign indicating this type of plant, I don't remember what it was. I do, however, remember how I stood staring at it for a while because I thought it was so interesting. You would think for someone that loves taking photos of plants and flowers so much that I would know more about them. Nope, I can't identify them and I certainly can't keep them alive. I just like to shoot them and leave them. I'm a black {thumb} widow, baby.

For those of you that enjoy photos of nature as much as I do, please join me next week for more views of our wanderings of the Biltmore Estate grounds. For those of you that don't like them...well, get over it and come back anyway. Please.

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