Monday, January 13, 2014

A Smorgasbord

Being obsessed with photography means that any new event is just an excuse to try out different photo techniques. My husband may or may not roll his eyes every time I bring my camera out to take a picture of yet another flower or party detail...or in this case Christmas ornament.

Christmas is the best time for traditions like making gingerbread houses with our little man. Nevermind that more of the candies end up in a certain three year old's mouth than actually on the "fire station" itself.

Did you know that the oven is a perfect spot for taking photographs of small objects on a white background? Did I just give away my master secret? Yeah, I know they aren't awesome. Gimme a break - I am still learning.

I also took the time to try and figure out how to get those super cool ornament portraits this year. You will see more of these later. I am still working on perfecting this style {obviously}, but I think they turned out pretty fun.

Of course it always comes back to my boys. Just check out those baby blues.


Fun times during Christmas day are still to come so get ready!


  1. I love that family photo in a bauble :D

    1. Thank you! I am going to work on those again next year too. They were fun to try and capture for sure.