Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pardon Me...

Today, in Florida, we are actually having a "snow" day. Technically it's an ice day, but whatever. In any case, this means that our whole family is at home and we are toggling between freezing our buns outside playing and snuggling up inside together. So pardon me while I take a break from blogging to enjoy this extremely rare occasion. I promise I am taking tons of pictures and will share them all with you soon! I will, however, leave you with this little miracle.

Last night while we were relaxing and getting ready for bed, in the midst of the actual ice storm, we heard what sounded like really loud thunder. Of course, Craig and I went out to investigate and found that a huge limb had literally cracked under the pressure and weight of the ice.


Amazingly, though it definitely shouldn't have, it missed our house by mere inches. Also, even though it fell on top of the A/C unit, it didn't actually cause any damage. {Yes, we were those people that turned on our A/C in the midst of an ice storm.} We were definitely being taken care of last night.

Of course, because of this "little incident" I was awake most of the night hearing branches cracking and hoping that they weren't going to come through our roof since we are surrounded by oak trees. It seems that this was the largest thing to fall in our area though so we are counting our blessings.

Tomorrow I will start recounting our fun in the ice. There is still more to be had, after all!

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