Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Canon vs. The Blog

{Ok, who else thought of "Joe vs. The Volcano" when reading that title? Just me, huh? That figures.}

So I have this boss, and he is shall we say, demanding. He demands complete attention all day, everyday, and frowns upon my working on this blog while I am on duty. He expects me to work every night, weekend, and holiday for free. I am to do his laundry, run his errands, cook his food, and take care of his family. I am responsible for keeping him entertained when he is bored, nursing him when he is sick, and praising him when he hits milestone victories {or when he writes his name}. He is, in short, a tyrant. He thinks the world revolves around him and expects that my world revolves him also.

And he would be right.

I have spent the morning trying to work on a blog post in the midst of "Hey Mom watch this!" and "Mom, help me do that". I have finally come to the conclusion that today's real blog post isn't happening. I was working on some pictures that I took a few weeks ago, but a certain little boy who shall not be named, is insisting that I go outside and play football and baseball with him. And so I shall. He is my boss after all.

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