Thursday, January 23, 2014

Survival Spot

I have started watching this tv show called Revolution.

The premise? All of the power all over the world goes out. It was instantaneous. Cars stopped, communication ended, planes fell from the sky. The world went from an electronic age back to a primitive way of life. Those that were smart left cities and formed little villages where they grew their own food and each person had a job to fulfill to keep the community going. Fifteen years after the blackout, a group of people have banned together to revolt against an authoritarian regime. It is such an awesome show, full of sword fights and crossbows and revenge.

On another level, though, it is very thought-provoking. I mean, what would you do if something like that happened? Would you be able to live off of the land and go back to a pioneering way of life? Where would you go?

Craig and I talk about that fairly regularly - not because we foresee it happening but because he is a "survival" junkie. He loves researching "bug out bags" or how to make fire with a soda can or what foods work are best to eat when stuck in the middle of nowhere in a snow storm. Aside from all of that though, we actually talk about where we would go if something like that were to happen. There is no doubt. We would go to Reform, AL. You remember that place: we visit my grandmother there once a month.

My grandparents own over 100 acres of land out there and they divied up 20+ acres for each of their children. My dad's section is large enough for all of us to prosper. The soil is good for growing food and the surrounding land supports plentiful wildlife. It is minimally populated, and most that do live there are related to us in some way. It seems the perfect place. Of course we would have lots to learn like how to hunt, how to make all foods from scratch, or how to keep our home warm in the winter. But it would be ok because there is so much beauty there. And sometimes - just sometimes - you could see something like this.

Yep, that would be a horse. It made it's way into the field beside my grandmother's house. Sure it belongs to someone who eventually came and got it, but the point is it was free to roam. It was free because that is the country life. There are hardly any cars that pass through those roads, everyone knows and trusts everyone else, and life in general is just simpler. Sometimes that just sounds like heaven. Or at least it sounds like the place to go when all power goes out.

Hey, it could happen. I guess.


  1. The thought terrifies me, movies and series like this were one of the reasons I never wanted to move far from my family, because without fickle technology I wouldn't be able to see them again. Plus, in those movies people become pretty savage and I would like to have tea-parties, thank you very much ;)

    1. I can definitely understand those concerns. I mean, what if it happened when we were visiting some place new. That would be a long trek home...if it was on the same continent! Here's hoping it doesn't come to that. I am not certain that I was cut out to be a pioneer woman anyway. ;)