Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just a walk in the park...

If you follow my Instagram account, you already know that we visited the library last week and Canon got his first library card. To say that he was excited is a little bit of an understatement. I never realized the power of a library card, but I am totally going to exploit the heck out of it. "If you don't stop acting like a wild chimpanzee, I am going to take away your library card and we won't go back!" "If you ever want to use your library card again, you better get down from the top of the bookcase this instant!" This has so much potential for good. Thanks Library Card!

**Please note: Canon does not actually climb bookshelves. He would have way more than a lost library card if he did that. Ooooh, sore booty!**

Anyway, on our first real trip to the library we attended story time and picked out about 20 books to bring home. Upon leaving, Canon spotted the playground. Of course he did. No worries though. I said to myself "Self, he will wear himself out and then take a good nap!" Man, my self is smart. We decided to stay a while.

He made it to the tallest log and said "I'm the king of the tower!" a la Jack in Titanic. I couldn't make this stuff up. Well, I could but it's funnier when he does.

Dear designers of this playground with different stations to play in : You are brilliant. Children just don't get bored when there is always something else to see. Thank you for the variety of play areas so that I can take my child and stay for as long as I please because he is constantly entertained. I raise my glass to you. I would give you a cookie too, if there were any left in my house.

We will definitely be visiting this playground every time we have library day. I would go everyday if I didn't think he would eventually get tired of it. He just slept so well that day. Must. Go. Back.


  1. Are you prepared for Canon to become a model one day?
    Looks like such a fun playground! In our area there are playground all over the place. Sadly, the one outside our building is pretty lame, though it does mean there aren't too many wild children popping up playing hide and seek on our veranda ;)

    1. Only if he makes me millions doing it! Hahahaha, kidding. Thank you for saying that though.

      Yeah it is pretty cool. We have several playgrounds in our area too, which is great because it means that everyone isn't gathered in one park during the day. Too many crazy kids can equal one crazy mom. You are definitely lucky that you don't get too many wild kids around. It's amazing that so many children don't know general social boundaries.