Friday, January 17, 2014

Back in Time

Occasionally, I find photos that I never edited in my endless collection. Generally that is for a good reason - they weren't worth my time to edit because they were poor quality. That actually was the case with these, but I decided to edit some anyway. Because I spent the time, I may as well share a few with you and we can all stare in awe at how much the quality has evolved over the years.

These photos were taken in September 2012 at a condo that my MIL lived in for a few months. We went to visit and ended up spending our time outside.

In those days, I apparently shot in Auto - or at least on this particular day I did. Fixing mistakes in post-processing is nearly impossible this way. Not to mention the fact that I had no regard for light and how my subjects would be affected by it.

I actually only put this photo in because I miss these curls. Gah!

I can see where I was trying to "frame" my subjects, which is a good idea, but you need to be careful not to cut off the frame too much. This photo looks stocky, like a rugby player but without the eye candy factor. The angle isn't really condusive to the people or the lines in the frame either.

This was a good idea, in theory. I love the bird's stance and wing position, but everything else in the shot takes your eye away from what would have been a really cool photo. It is too busy with the ripples in the water, the sea grass, greenery in the background, and the bridge. A close-up shot would have been so much more effective.

These squirrel photos are ok. I would have sharpened them more by focusing on his eye and making sure that nothing else in the frame was taking away from the animal.

My motto prior to figuring out how to get a good shot in camera? When in doubt, make it black and white. Don't get me wrong. I love black and white photography. When used correctly, it can really change the mood of the photo - even bring out textures or details that your eye couldn't see with all colors to look at. But converting a photo to black and white to try and make up for the fact that you didn't pay attention to where to sun was hitting? Not a good reason. Oh, and let's not talk about the actual framing. I cut off my MIL's body and ended up with Canon's head in the bottom right corner. Go me.

I still have miles to go and way more to learn, but I like to think that looking back and seeing my mistakes helps me on that path.