Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dupuisian Art

Yes, we have dubbed my husband's painting style as "Dupuisian". He has created his own niche, which is continuing to evolve through the years. *Shameless plug in 3..2..1...*Check out his website www.dupuisian.com to see some of his work. {It will be updated with his newer inventory through out the year.} *End plug* Let me start at the beginning of this journey, though.

Craig is an architect by trade, and was still in school for his second degree the year we were to be married. One of the credit classes offered was a 10 day trip to Spain, specifically Barcelona, Tibidabo & Montserrat, Valencia, and Tarragona  to study architecture and I was lucky enough to be able to travel with him. That trip was a turning point for both of us in so many ways. You see, it was Craig's first time out of the country and although it wasn't mine, it solidified the wanderlust in both of us. It unlocked my passion for photography, and it unleashed Craig's love of painting. He spent the entire time we were there sketching - buildings, trees, people, everything. He has notebooks full of pen and ink that are beautiful on their own, but he came home and put acrylic on canvas to give them life. The results have been amazing. Here are a few examples of previous work, but check out his website for so much more.

He painted like a mad man for several years, but in 2010 put down the brushes. Many reasons contributed to that decision, but suffice it to say that it has been a long time coming that he begin creating again. The spark has been rekindled - he is painting again every night. He is building an inventory for the future, when he can showcase his work through a gallery, art shows, or his own shop.

The only difference this time is that Canon now wants to join in. Craig has given him several old paintings that he never finished and allowed Canon to "complete them" however he chose.

He began painting inside the lines, trying to simply complete what Craig had started. Soon though, he realized that he preferred to paint over the original and create his own masterpiece.

I posted this photo on Instagram a while back and it was taken by my phone, which is the reason the quality is so poor. This shows the finished product that has now found a home in our living room.

Canon seems to be following in his father's footsteps in the desire to paint, but is definitely taking a different approach to style. Nevertheless, another artist is being cultivated in this household. Dupuisian art is alive and well and will take the world by storm.

P.S. - 
If you are interested in Craig's work, you may email me or contact him directly through his website. If you are interested in Canon's work, you will have to wait in line because I am not parting with his first painting - ever. :)