Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wanderlust : Thanksgiving in Naples, FL 11.27.13 - 12.1.13 - Day 3

On our third vacation day, we decided to head to the beach to let our Pittsburgh resident-living family get some vitamin D. We assumed that it would be nice and cool since there had been rain earlier in the week and because well, it's November. Not so. The sun was bearing down on hard and it was so hot that we all had to wear sunscreen. South Florida, man...

Canon and Uncle Kurt - two peas in a pod

Oh, how Canon loves his Uncle Kurt and Aunt Kara. I mean, when we are down there it is all K&K all the time. I would feel bad for their lack of alone time, but well no I don't. I am more than excited that he loves them and wants to hang out with them. Plus, it means I get a break for a couple of take a couple of photos of course.

Our walk back to the house from the beach proved pretty interesting - for me at least. The vegetation in south Florida is lush and beautiful all year so I have my pick of beautiful things to capture. I try to photograph things differently every time I am there, to keep challenging myself and to keep things interesting for anyone that is taking the time to look at my photos. Or least I try to keep it interesting. :)

This tree wrinkles at the creases, just like human skin. It was so beautiful and interesting to me that I couldn't stop taking photos. Wait, that is all the time. For everything.

Oh, what's this? Fall-looking leaves in Naples?! Don't mind if I do.

So yes, Naples is H-O-T, but it is also beautiful. There is always something to admire and take in. And of course, spending time with family just tops the cake. 

Come back tomorrow for family portraits! Oh yeah, that happened.

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