Monday, June 30, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 : Blue Ridge, GA : Just around the river bend - Day 4

When I last left you, I regaled with our stories of train rides following beautiful rivers and scenery for miles. I also promised to fill you in on the happenings of that evening, so here we are.

We came back to the cabin, with everyone eager to relax for the evening. We decided to eat "at home" that night and Grandpa loves to cook so he took over preparing homemade lasagne. So armed with a fishing pole, walking sticks, cameras, and an eagerness to explore some of us decided to trek down to the small river that ran just behind our cabin.

The path down to the river was a fairly steep one, as you can see from the picture below. That is the back of our cabin and standing at the water's edge. Not a hill you want to tumble down a la The Princess Bride.

Once at the river, Uncle Kurt and Aunt Kara began teaching Canon how to cast his fishing line. Not that there were any fish to catch, aside from tiny minnows, but Canon thought he was hot stuff. He also wore the GoPro camera on his head for a while.

While Canon was learning to fish, Craig was trekking the river like a true explorer. It is hard to tell from these photos, but the water was really rushing so that walking stick was necessary to be sure that he didn't get swept away.

Of course, while they played in the water, I took to photographing everything in sight. Man, what would I give for a macro lens. Just look at how cool this guy was. Can't you just imagine seeing him really up close and personal?!

The fog was incredible that day. It was hard to see very far, but it made for a very mystical view. I was in love.

After Canon caught everything the river had to offer, Craig took him to the center of the river so that he could admire the beauty of God's creation first hand get wet.

After about an hour, the dinner bell sounded so we began the arduous task of climbing the mountain back to the cabin. Ok, so it wasn't that difficult but apparently Canon thought it was.

I couldn't help but double back and get one last shot of the gorgeousness.

A glorious end to a wonderful day.

To those of you who are tired of seeing these vacation photos, rest assured they are almost done. I think we only have one day left. Maybe two. Heck, I could probably stretch it through this week. We'll see how generous I am feeling. Hopefully, that won't stop you from returning to see the rest, though.

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