Monday, June 9, 2014

Run, Craig, Run!

My husband is one of those guys who, when he finds something that he loves or motivated to do, will stick with it regardless of time, wear, tear, or energy required. Take clothes for instance. If he finds a shirt that he loves, you will be hard-pressed to ever find him in anything else. He will wear it until there are holes in it, and then he will try to cover them and wear it still.

Or say, when he was studying for his architectural licensing exams. He decided that he was going to take every single one within a year and pass them all. Kind of a difficult task. But he got up every single morning, before it was even bright and early, and studied before work. He missed family activities and fun times to study every night and weekend. And you know what? He did it. He passed each one on the first try and was licensed within one year.

His obsessive nature and need to go "all in" extends to his hobbies too. When he paints, it is total-focus-every-day-don't-bother-him-in-the-zone time.

And then there is running.

Before Craig and I met, we were both working out every day. I was in the gym doing pilates, weights, and "running" on an elliptical every single day. Craig was running. Outside. Every morning, watching the sun rise. We met and things went downhill in that department. Something about wanting to see each other, go out to eat, and spend time together took precedence over exercise. This year, though, we got back into it. I mean, we still want to spend time together...and eat...but we both feel the need to get back into shape.

I began following the regimen and I love it. I dusted off my yoga mat, got a couple of tanks and leggings, and got to work. Period.

Craig has started running again. He gets up really early every morning {if you can even call 'o dark thirty' morning} and pounds the pavement. When he began this again, we were in Pensacola and he worked up to running between 5-8 miles every morning before work. He began making goals to achieve and tracking his progress. He researched the best foods to eat to ensure that your body performs at its best. {FYI - sweet potatoes are now a staple in his diet.} This got him interested in running 10K races. Like I said, when he gets fixated on something, he is all in. So he signed himself up for the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans, LA. He set up a training schedule and got to work. He and 10,000 of his closest friends ran it and had a blast. So he signed up for the Fiesta Run in Pensacola, FL two weeks later. I got to go to this race with him and I was so excited. Not to run, of course, because um...I'm allergic to running. Yeah, that's it.

No, I was there to take pictures. Naturally.

This is his look of "Ok, now you are embarrassing me". Sorry babe.

Crossing the finish line. He finished with exactly the same time as two weeks before in the New Orleans 10K. And every mile's pace was within a second of each other. Consistency is his middle name.

So proud of this guy.

Also, it looks like I need some more time with my dailyburn workouts. Apparently, running outside makes the fat roll off faster. Whatever, I'm still allergic.

Since moving to Georgia, Craig is having to work back up to his 5-8 mile a day schedule. There are just a few more hills {read: mountainous region} around here so it is definitely an adjustment from the flat lands of Pensacola. Nevertheless, he is working as hard as ever. He says that after a year of running these hills, he can go back and smoke everyone at next year's Pensacola 10K. That is only a slight exaggeration since the guy that won that race came in without a drop of sweat, bounding like a gazelle over the finish line before the last 5K runners even finished their race. No really, I think he had about -200% body fat and legs as long and thin as tree limbs. It was ridiculous. Good luck honey. Actually, don't try to do that. I like the way you look. I would rather not be married to a beanstalk. ;)

I shall return tomorrow with more tales of activities that we packed in before moving. Have a great day!

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