Thursday, June 19, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 : Blue Ridge, GA : Irony and Timing - Day 1

As you already know, we spend each Memorial Day with my father-in-law's side of the family. We usually go to Naples, FL where he lives but every once in a while we meet somewhere else to enjoy some different scenery. Because sometimes it's nice to have a vacation for all of course.

Last year my father-in-law stated that we would be spending Memorial Day weekend in Blue Ridge, GA. He rented a cabin for everyone and we would all meet there for a peaceful getaway. At that time, we didn't know that we would be moving at all, let alone moving just over an hour from Blue Ridge.

Flash forward to the week that we were supposed to be preparing for vacation in the mountains and what were we doing? Moving into our new house. In fact, we moved in on Monday, unpacked the truck Tuesday, unpacked boxes on Wednesday, and left for the cabin on Thursday. When I tell you that vacation couldn't have come at a better time, I am not even close to joking. The irony of moving right next door to our destination and the timing of the required relaxation of our trip were not lost on us.

God's timing, man. Blows me away every time.

On Thursday morning, we woke up bright and early exhausted but ready for a little R&R. We loaded Puppy the fish in the car and headed to the mountains. One of the things we are so excited about since moving to Georgia is the easy access to mountains and all of the activities that come with it. The entire drive Craig and I couldn't stop smiling at how amazing it is that we were only an hour and fifteen minutes from such a beautiful place.

When we arrived at the cabin, we were blown away at how beautiful it was. It was exactly what a cabin should look like, albeit much larger than any cabin I have ever been visited.

I mean, just look at the woodwork on the front door!

It sat on a sloped lot that backed up to a river. It was also three stories tall. The top floor had a bedroom for my father-in-law {Grandpa or Ken} and his girlfriend {Grandma or Andrea}, and another for my brother-in-law {Kurt} and his wife {Kara}. The main floor housed Andrea's mom {Great Grandma} and the bottom floor was held for our family. We got the bottom floor because it had it's own A/C unit and we like it cold. How thoughtful!

*Sidenote: I am introducing their names now because in later posts I am sure it will come up and I don't want to continue to refer to them in their titles alone. Oh, and there may be a quiz at the end. Just trying to keep you on your toes.*

It obviously had a very rustic theme throughout the house and furnishings. In normal cases I wouldn't like this, but this particular house carried it well.

The outdoor seating areas were very comfortable and, as you can see below, there was an outdoor fireplace where we enjoyed congregated pretty much every evening.

Of course the lot itself held a lot of appeal as well. This time of year everything was lush and blooming so I wandered around the grounds for a while.

Lastly, I will leave you with, what I can only assume was, the name of one of the houses down the street from ours.

That may have only been the name of one place, but I think the whole area should be called this. I am renaming it as we speak.

Welcome to Awesome Creek, home of freakin' amazing cabins, rivers, wildlife, flora, and fauna on which to feast your eyes. Have an awesome time.

They should hire me to be their marketing department. I've got this in the bag.

This was day one of our getaway, so I will be back with all of our fun happenings soon. Until then...