Thursday, June 12, 2014

A last zoo trip

As I stated previously, I tried to cram in a ton of activities prior to moving so that Canon would remember his time in Pensacola as a happy one. One where we did fun things like, say, go to the zoo! Canon loves the zoo so much that he has told me on numerous occasions that he wants to be a zoo keeper when he gets to be an "endult". 

Note to self : Must get new zoo information in Georgia. End note.

Second note to self : Must find a way to slow down time. Canon must not become an "endult" too fast.

We decided to make the most of this last zoo trip and spent the entire day there. We took our time with our favorite animals like the baby deer, rabbits, giraffes, peacocks, and birds. We stayed at each exhibit as long as Canon wanted to. We rode the train twice. We only left when they were closing and Canon once again expressed his desire for his future profession. He said that if he was the zoo keeper he would get to stay there all night with the animals. Sleep in the camel stalls, I guess. You know, just to remind me.

The visit started at the duck pond. This particular duck followed Canon around his entire exhibit so Canon played with him and fed him for about half an hour.

These ducklings stole the show. Canon was in love with them so we sat and watched them for so long that I was afraid we may miss the rest of the activities of the day. I wasn't complaining too much though because I loved shooting them.

Their mother was a little leery of us, but we kept quiet and far away so as not to scare her too much.

Canon got his first sno cone, but of course only ate about 1/4 of it.

This guy thought that Canon was going to throw him some food so he circled in front of us for quite a while. It took him a good 20 minutes to figure out that Canon was not in the mood to share his sno cone and finally swam away, but not before giving us the stink eye.

He asked to take a picture with this kangaroo - not the real ones, just the statue. Because that makes sense. Also, he "played a trick on me". Painted on the pavement beside this kangaroo is a scale of how far some animals can jump. There is a tree frog, a leopard, and a kangaroo. Then, of course, there is a space to see how far you can jump. I was instructed to close my eyes while Canon jumped as far as he could. When I opened them again, he had jumped farther than any of the animals listed. I can't imagine where he got that idea. Do you, Dad? ;)

A little wave goodbye. Wasn't that sweet?

While waiting for one of our two train rides, we were introduced to a few of animals. There was a tarantula {ewwwwww}, a couple of snakes that they had just found on the grounds {I definitely watched where I walked from then on} and a baby hedgehog. Canon got a chance to play with that sweet baby. He was a little nervous to touch his spines, but loved the idea of being big enough to hold him. That's what counts, right?

We rounded out the trip with a visit to the budgiery. Canon has gotten very comfortable with the birds and spent his time feeding them and watching them "fight for food", as he stated. He's only a little dramatic.

All in all, it was a wonderful last trip and I am not sure who had more fun - Canon or me.

Have a great day!

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