Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 : Blue Ridge, GA : Hikers' Paradise - Day 3

Craig and I spent the third day of our vacation hiking with Kurt and Kara. Well, technically we spent most of our time driving around trying to find a specific trail. We drove for miles along winding dirt roads. We passed multiple farms and pastures, one of which housed horses that apparently thought they were dogs, rolling around in the dirt. We got so lost that we actually had to ask for directions from two older gentlemen in a buggy pulled by two horses. I couldn't make this stuff up.

Eventually, though, we did find the Benton Mackaye and Stanley Gap Trails and the real fun began.

We hiked uphill. Both ways. Barefoot. In the snow. Ok, not exactly, but it was a somewhat challenging trek, being at an incline a good portion of the way. Let's just say that about halfway through I was thanking my lucky stars that we didn't take Canon on that hike. 

The flowers and plants that lined the trail were absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't shoot them enough.

We came across a campground that boasted the perfect tree for hanging your food at a "bear-proof" level. Naturally, Kurt had to check it out from the top.

We encountered several creatures along the way like frogs, lizards, and snails.

I even spotted proof of Captain America in the forest. I know he was just reminding me that he is always watching out for me. Sweet man.

Doesn't this look like a dream?

Everyone looks so happy to be together, don't you think?

That's better.

There's my handsome man.

And here are the newlywed lovebirds.

This hike proved to be very fruitful in the foliage department and I thoroughly enjoyed my time, however long it took to get there in the beginning.

Bonus points, too, for the hike burning off all of the calories from the amazingly delicious and fattening dinner from the night before. And all of the other calories from the meals I had eaten in my life prior to that time.

Good times.

See you back here again tomorrow, but until then have a great day!

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