Monday, June 2, 2014

Our new home

Hey guys! After a month's hiatus, I am back to regale you with tales of our adventures. Or at least, to catch you up on the happenings here. 

When last we spoke, I dropped the bomb that we were moving to Georgia. Once that news was announced, I began the horrible task of packing. With Craig still working, I set out to get as much packed by myself as I possibly could. Let me tell you...not fun.  It got done though so I can't complain I suppose.

In addition to packing, I spent every waking moment researching houses. We decided to rent for a while to determine exactly where we should live in the community before we buy. We had only a couple of things that were a "must" in our rental home, but they were so important that it became a hope against hope that we would find even one house in which to live.

Our number one priority for a house was the elementary school. In the event that we are still in the house when Canon starts kindergarten, we wanted to be sure we were in a good school district. I analyzed test scores and reviews for every elementary school in this city and shortened the list to about eleven schools from which to choose. Then came the task of finding rental houses in those school districts.

Our number two priority for a house was that it had to have a basement. I have a paralyzing fear of tornadoes and I was adamant about having a place to go where we could be safe in the event of a storm. I didn't want one of those so-called basements that were above ground but unfinished and therefore was called a basement. I didn't care if it was finished, livable space or not - as long as our family could stay in the middle of horrific weather I was good. I wouldn't even look at a house that didn't have one, which shortened our list even more.

Our number three priority was a covered space to park our cars. I know that seems trivial, but Craig's paint job on his car has been ruined due to staying outside for the past 9 years in the salty sea air of Pensacola, FL. The tons of tree sap didn't help either. We didn't want to continue that trend, and were determined to find a way to keep them safer from the elements. Since we don't get new cars every five years, we like to take care of them and keep them looking nice.

Knowing these search filters for a house, we set to work narrowing down our list of possible properties and then made reservations to visit the area to see them in person.We spent three days driving through the entirety of Marietta looking at both houses we found online and any that we happened to see as we drove by them. We met up with a real estate agent to see what she could offer us as well. 

In all we probably toured 18 - 20 houses in those three days, and still chose the first one we saw on the first day. Yep, we wasted three days looking at houses when we could have stopped with the first house and called it done. Hindsight and all. I won't bore you with the craziness of actually getting the house. Rest assured, it was a circus in its own right. However, we are here now and I am happy to report that we are settled in rather nicely.

If by nicely I mean that we still have boxes stacked in almost every room, anyway...

So without further ado, welcome to our new home.

If you would like to take a tour of this home, you can watch this video. Nevermind the awkwardness of my commentary. Also, please overlook the mess. It will probably take me a while to unpack the multiple thousands of boxes of crap that we brought with us. 

*Sidenote: It is during these times - and only these times - that I wish I were a complete minimalist who hated clutter and stuff. Once I get it decorated, though, I will be excited for all of the goodies that I will have unpacked.

If you made it through all of that then thank you and well done. As you can see, this house has plenty of room for us. In fact, it is more than double the size of our Pensacola house, which is both strange and amazing. Also, you will notice that we got everything on our "must have" list. The elementary school is top-rated in the state, we have covered parking for both cars and we have a basement. I'd say we lucked out on this little gem. Once I get everything unpacked and decorated I will return with pictures for you to "oooh" and "ahhh" over for you to see how we fit everything in. 
I will return tomorrow with hopefully more exciting posts of things that have been happening over the last month. Until then, thank you for returning back here with me and I hope to "see" you again tomorrow!

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