Thursday, June 5, 2014

April in Reform

April in Paris. April in Reform. It's all the same, right? Well, Reform doesn't have museums, art galleries, pastry shops, or wine. {It's a dry county, afterall.} It isn't a tourist hot spot and there is only one restaurant to take a date. However, we can go to Reform every month, so there's that. It has next to zero light pollution so you can see all of the stars in the night sky. You can't find a rude person in the entire town. You can rest assured that you are eating fresh veggies and fruits because they came from my family's land. In fact, I probably helped pick the blueberries just the day before. Sounds pretty good right? Just wait until you hear how hard we work there.

During our trips, the boys have adopted some jobs that they do around the property. Just to help out. They always unfurl the flag that hangs on the house.

And sometimes take it for a victory lap around the yard.

They also let the air out of the well pipes and fix anything around the house that Grandmama would like changed.

Apparently while they are working, I am taking pictures of flowers and plants. You would think I would feel bad, but...

Canon also helps Grandmama feed the birds. {Does anyone else start singing Mary Poppins when they read this?} They are supposed to sprinkle a little seed on the grass, as well as in some feeders. Canon usually dumps it all in one spot. The birds love him more, I think.

They also play basketball with the feed cups when they are finished.

Canon, ever the show off, dunks every time.

As you can see, we work really hard when we go there. In other words, not like Paris at all. We wouldn't work in Paris. That's the only difference I can find though. In any other light, it may as well be paradise. 

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