Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sometimes it's just good...

Sometimes it's just good for little boys to get out and run around. To explore trails, play with bugs, and jump in piles of leaves. For them to fall and get back up and brush themselves off. It's good for them to just be boys.

We try to allow that to happen in our city, but there is nothing like the wide open country that truly forces you to get outside and revel in nature. Canon gets to do this every single month so I think that makes him a really lucky little boy.

Not only does he get to explore the world around him, but he gets to enjoy this world with one of God's angels here on Earth. This time, they made play dough, which was almost as fun as actually playing with it.

They had a swingin' time. {bada ching!}

Then, while Grandmamma and I sat on her porch swing, we were "serenaded" by the rock and roll sounds of Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Frozen. Good times.

Oh, what I would give for sound on this thing!

Of course, then Canon discovered the real reason for the rake and began pulling the leaves together into a huge pile...which he proceeded to jump into over and over again.


Hours of entertainment to be had in nature. I mean, who even needs toys?!

Well, I mean I do if you consider my camera a toy. I will show you just how much fun I had playing with all of the gorgeous flora on Thursday!