Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seeing the sites : Bay Bluffs Park in Pensacola, FL {Part 2}

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we visited the Bay Bluffs Park on Saturday. In addition to the winding, wooden trails that we navigated, we also took time to play in the sand and on the railroad tracks that lay beyond the trails. Though we saw a few people out that day, it amazed me just how empty this place was. It was very peaceful - except for Canon shrieking in joy at every turn. Granted, that is a peaceful sound to me, but others may not think so. Then again, who cares, right?

Canon has this thing about rocks, and has a collection of rocks from different places that we have visited. They are all saved in this little white bowl that looks like a witch's cauldron in his room. It is actually pretty cool because he has so many different types and colors of rocks. Of course, he couldn't pass up on taking one when he realized there was a plethora of rocks to choose from. Personally, I liked these little beauties, but he chose one that "looks like a gun!". He is such a boy.

We told him that he could only take one rock home, so he decided to try and skip rocks on the bay. This was his pile of rocks that he was throwing, complete with boundaries presumably so that we would know that those rocks were on reserve.

While there, I took advantage of the railroad tracks and simply walked behind Canon as he explored. I know I am biased, but this kid is a natural in front of the camera. I don't tell him to pose or tell him where to go. He just acts like a kid, and I love the results.

Ok, I lied a little. Craig actually thought this picture would be funny so he asked Canon to hold my camera bag and stick his finger out, a la Bruce Banner. Thanks babe.

And we're back to not posing...

This was the beginning of a bad idea for Canon because he busted it after jumping down there. Craig commented that it was a good thing that he was wearing jeans, until of course he noticed that the rocks had hit directly in the holes of jeans. Naturally. Canon's response, though? After initial shock and refusing to cry, he simply said "I'm tough" and continued on his way.

Again I say, he is such a boy.

We enjoyed exploring this park so much and will definitely be back. Why wouldn't we? It is free, about 5 minutes from our house, and it wears Canon out so much that he sleeps like a log*. 

Three cheers for Bay Bluffs Park!

*I wasn't allowed to watch Ren and Stimpy as a child, but thanks to Craig I hear this song all the time, so as soon as the word "log" came into my thoughts it popped up again and I thought I would share. Enjoy the nonsense.

   What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs
   Rolls over your neighbor's dog?
   What's great for a snack and fits on your back?
   It's log, log, log.

   It's log, log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
   It's log, log, it's better than bad, it's good!
   Everyone wants a log! You're gonna love it, log!
   Come on and get your log! Everyone needs a log!

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