Monday, March 10, 2014

Seeing the sites : Bay Bluffs Park in Pensacola, FL {Part 1}

*Sorry for the late post! The weather was perfect again today, and a certain little boy needed to be outside ALL. DAY. LONG. so who was I to deny him that?!*

The weather has been so out of sorts here lately - as it has been all over the states - so when we happened upon an absolutely gorgeous weekend, we jumped at the chance to take advantage of it. We mulled over several different things to do and see, but finally landed on something that Craig and I had only visited once before - long before Canon was even a twinkle.

Bay Bluffs Park is a public park and nature preserve on the bluffs of Pensacola. There are 800 feet of winding, wooden trails throughout the bluffs that offer a beautiful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Somehow, though, we always forget about it.

Saturday was a perfect day to introduce Canon to this little gem and we took full advantage.

He immediately got to work doing what boys do and began climbing. He proceeded to climb at each chance he got along the way as well and had a glorious time racing Craig along the empty trails.

I am no carpenter, but I am fairly certain that this screw isn't going to do a lot of good in its current placement.

Signs of spring were beginning to pop out everywhere and it was truly a welcomed sight.

Hubba, hubba.

Again with the climbing...

Though it was obviously broad daylight, the moon was out in full force and it was magnificent.

Craig took some water for himself, but of course didn't get to drink much of it {as noted in his facial expression}. At least Canon was fully hydrated.

Just look at this view of all of the beautiful trees. I mean, really, how cool is this walk?!

These trails lead down to the beach area and railroad tracks, and I will bring you those photos tomorrow so stay tuned for more!

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