Thursday, March 6, 2014

Over the river and through the woods...{Part 3}

As I stated in part 1 of our country visit, we decided to cut a trail to the top of the hill on my father's land. Craig and I decided, after the hard time we had hiking with Canon through the thick underbrush, that we would wait until he went down for a nap before we ventured out on our own with machetes and axes. Of course, all of the tools are located in my grandfather's workshop, so we made a short stop there and found it completely organized and cleaned since the last time we were in there. Apparently, one of my brothers had cleaned it out when he visited prior to our stay. Great job, Walker!

We found this hand-carved sign hanging on the outside wall of the building. It belonged to my great grandfather and is perfectly placed on his son's workshop.

I also found this little gem inside the workshop. I couldn't have named it better myself. Do you approve, Ben?

After gathering our tools, we were on our way.

It should be noted that after this picture was taken, the actual cutting of underbrush commenced. Our actual jobs came out soon after. Craig definitely took over the hacking details, while I armed myself with the most important tool of the day - my camera.

After clearing an entire path and walking our hill again, we began to descend and I spotted this gigantic hornet's nest. This was taken with my zoom lens, as there was no way we were getting anywhere near this thing.

The next day, after attending church, we visited my uncle and his family. There were six children there, including Canon, so of course there was plenty of playing to be had. However, Craig felt the need to join in when a pogo stick was found. Naturally.

He soon realized that this activity was best left to the children and turned the pogo stick back over to Canon. His cousin was more than happy to help.

This three-day vacation was very much needed. At one point, I actually let out a huge breath and commented that I hadn't been that relaxed in ages. The country will do that to you.

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