Thursday, March 13, 2014

2013 : A Year in Instagram Photos

Ok, so that title may be a bit misleading, but let me explain.

I make our family photo books for each year so that we can reflect on all of the adventures that we had. Yes, we actually do call them "adventures" because a trip to the park is much more exciting that way. I have decided, beginning in the 2013 year book, I will be including instagram photos into this book. You see, I like to capture everything in photo or video form, and though it may shock those that know me, I actually do not carry my real camera literally everywhere with me. I do, however, always have my phone. Thus, the influx of instagram photos for our day to day lives has occurred. I can't let them fall by the wayside, to be forgotten in the abyss that is cyberspace. No! I must bring them to print so that they may live forever in our minds {and our bookshelves}, however grainy stupid phone pictures can be.

Therefore, since I am currently working on photo books for our family, I thought that I would share our "Year in Instagram Photos" with you. I should probably say "I'm sorry" for posting all of this here, but instead I will say "you're welcome" because admit it, your day is better by seeing all of this. No? Well, then this post was intended for me and my family {hi, Dad!}. Please disregard.

One thing that I learned after going through all of these pictures was that I take more pictures of Canon than anything else. Don't get me wrong - I love that I have documented every waking moment of his life. But it has forced me to make sure that I am capturing everything else too. I need more Craig to balance out the Canon. I have two boys - and one is even mine by choice - so I should totally celebrate that!

I have gotten better this year of taking more photos of details - people-less photos - than I did last year, too, so I will be anxious to see the collection for our 2014 book.

The great thing about these photos is the memories in the actual moment that they provoke, so I think when I make our book, I will include the blurb that accompanied them on Instagram. After all, what good is a photo of our baby monitor if I can't remember that it was taken because Craig had just gotten home from a long trip and the boys couldn't get enough of each other.

I do love seeing the randomness of our lives through Instagram. I get to look back at just how crazy, and sometimes dysfunctional, we really are.

I mean, before Instagram, what did we do with everyday photos?! Did we even take them? What a terrible way to live...

These last photos were not any more special than the others. They certainly weren't the best looking. They just happened to be at the end of the list, so they are bigger than the rest.

Bottom line, if you aren't on Instagram you should be. I must credit my sister with getting me hooked on it. The conversation, which occurred at some point in 2012, went roughly like this:

Her : "What do you mean you aren't on Instagram? All you ever do is take pictures!"

Me : "I don't want to take pictures with my phone. That's stupid when I have a real camera."

Her : "Gah, you are so old! Get over it. You will love it."

Me : "You suck and I will show you just how wrong you are. I am not old. I'm sensible."

Ok, so those last two lines aren't verbatim but you get the idea. If you have complaints about this post, you can take them up with her.

Also, I promise that I am trying to level out the types of photos that I post so if you wanna follow me, then come join the party!

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