Monday, March 3, 2014

Over the river and through the woods...{Part 1}

As is our normal routine, we visited my grandmother in the country last month. However, we decided to add an additional day to our trip this time which gave us just a little extra time with her and with nature. Aside from the nightmare of a car ride on the ride up {complete with horrible winds, torrential rains, and a stop mid-way at a Walmart just in case a tornado came ripping through which all added about 2 hours to the already-five-hour trip}, it was a fantastic idea.

Gah, look at those cheekbones. Work it, G'mama!

Sidenote : I am a complete mess during "tornado weather". I literally get nauseous with worry and cannot do anything but assume the worst so you can only imagine just how long that trip really was. Let's just say that I was practically crying with relief when we finally arrived.

Despite the terrible driving weather, the sun never stopped shining during our stay. We couldn't have asked for better weather and we definitely took advantage of it all. We took Canon on an adventure, visited family {I am convinced that 99% of the town that my grandmother lives in is made up of people that I am related to in one way or another, so it is most assured that while we are there we will stop in and see family of some sort}, and cut a trail to "our hill".

My grandparents owned roughly 100 acres that they split between their five children. My father's portion includes a beautiful hill that overlooks the field where my grandparents used to farm their food. Craig and I have talked about building a small cottage on top of that hill for years - a retreat of sorts. This particular trip gave us the opportunity to really stake out the land and see what our options are.

It was also the perfect opportunity for Craig to teach Canon how to use a compass that he got for his birthday. It was actually a necessity because, as you will see in later photos, their wasn't exactly a trail to our destination.

 While I {obviously} took photos of everything that I saw, the boys channeled their energies in other ways.

You may have seen this instagram photo of the sock a week or so ago. This was where that magic happened.

And why, pre tell, do you think that he was so into drawing on this particular outing?

Like father, like son.

Craig was, of course, drawing up plans for our future retreat. During the aforementioned stop at Walmart on our drive up the night before, he had actually purchased a sketch book with this field trip in mind. Little did he know that he would lose said sketch book to a certain four year old *ahemhewhoshallnotbenamedahem*.

While trying to explain to me his brilliant vision for this cottage, Craig drew the structure for me. When that didn't work - not because he couldn't draw it but because I still couldn't see it - he created a model for me. Uh, does that help you? Yeah, me either. No worries, though. It has changed since then anyway.

There is much more to this country visit to come so stay tuned for all of the major happenings** this week.

**Nothing major usually happens here, so in this particular instance, I am simply using those words to entice you to come back to read more. I swear, honesty may be the death of this blog.


  1. Ha, the way you end this! :) A house over there looks ideal for a retreat!

    1. It is so beautiful and once the underbrush is cut out, it will be even more amazing.