Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wanderlust : Pittsburgh, PA 9.8.13 - Day 3

First of all, I should mention that at the wedding reception Canon proved to be every bit my son that I hoped him to be.  He was out on the dance floor every second that he had the chance.  He danced to every song and loved every second of it.  He definitely made his momma proud.  Of course, I was dancing with him so no pictures but the memories are priceless. I don't think anyone slept harder than he did that night.  However, when we awoke the next morning, he was ready to start the day with the same energy that he had displayed the night before.

The newlyweds hosted a brunch the morning after the wedding at their apartment so we headed over to check out their digs.  They live in a super cute complex that boasts a delightful courtyard, filled with brightly-colored flowers and scrolling ironwork gates. {Phew - adjectives, for the win!}

This flower was so amazing, because it was so vibrant that the picture seems almost fuzzy. I actually converted this photo to black and white, just to see if it really was out of focus and found that the detail was there, but the red was so bright that it almost loses the detail of the feathery goodness.  Your eyes shall suffer because I like it.  Sorry.  Sort of.  {Not really.}

Kurt mentioned that the complex was built in the 1940's and it shows. Character just seeps from the plaster walls, arched doorways, and tiny fireplace.  There was a such a cozy feeling {and I am fairly certain that it wasn't just the eleventy billion people smashed into their living room}.  However, that many people in one place generally tends to raise the heat - and I am extremely hot-natured - so I ventured outside with my camera.  My purpose, of course, was to find Canon who had wandered off with his great uncle. {I was only a little distracted by the nature, as evidenced above.}  I found them playing at one of the complex gates where Canon informed me that he was the "Duck Keeper" and could only open the gates to let ducks in, but no one could go out {thanks, Ronald, for entertaining him {and yourself, I am sure}}.  

Ronald was pretending to be a "duck" so that the "Duck Keeper" could let him in.

 After leaving the crowd, and with a promise of dinner with the happy couple later that evening, we left to explore the Pittsburgh Children's Museum.  We initially planned to take the free shuttle that our hotel offered to the museum, but didn't realize that all shuttle service is shut down for the two hours before and after a football game.  Sidenote:  We are not NFL fans, so we didn't realize that this day was actually the season opener for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They were playing at home and the whole city was decked out in black and yellow to root on their team.  With the shuttle service down, and taxis unsure that they could get through football traffic, we began to walk.  We didn't realize how long it took to get to the museum {about 30 minutes on foot}, and I am glad we didn't because we probably would have missed the experience of the museum.

Walking across one of the bridges on our way to the museum

This wall maze was a huge hit until...

See, I was boasting about how cool Canon was for getting in and immediately climbing all the way to the top when I heard crying.  Panicked crying.  My boy had gotten all the way to the top of the maze and found that there was no way out.  He couldn't figure out how to get down and was scared that he was stuck.  I went up the stairs {because adults can't even fit in this thing} and began to talk him down when this boy of about 8 came to Canon and offered to show him the way down.  Thank you, Jesus, for sending that saint our way.  His mother explained to me that he was the "little brother" in their family and always wanted to be a "big brother", so he was playing that role.  He played it majorly well!  Kudos to that kid - and to his parents - um, get on that.  He is going to be a great big brother!  ;)

I was so obsessed with this display, you will see more angles below.  I couldn't stop.  Sorry in advance.


After spending several hours playing in the exhibits, we left to meet our family for dinner.  Canon fell asleep on Craig's shoulders on the way back to the hotel.  Exploring really wears him out.

It wears my brain out trying to remember what we did - and this was only 2.5 weeks ago.  Does that mean I am getting old?!  

On second thought, don't answer that.  


  1. Aww poor canon getting stuck! I once got lost in a maze after my big brother left me there, and I was NOT a happy child! Glad he got helped out :)

    1. Yeah, it was actually pretty pitiful because he was genuinely terrified...just sat there crying alligator tears because he couldn't figure out where to go. Aw, I can't believe your brother left you! Oh wait, I have three brothers - I can totally believe that.