Monday, September 2, 2013

Sailing takes me away

My husband and I love to date each other.  We feel it is vital to our marriage to have date nights, especially now that we have Canon.  Teaching him, by example, how a marriage should look will hopefully instill in him the desire fora healthy relationship in the future.  Plus, it gives us time to remember why we fell in love with each other to begin with.  Don't worry, I am pretty much done with the mushy stuff.  Please don't throw up.  

We have our share of typical dinner-and-a-movie or just dinner dates, but we try to have different experiences from time to time, just to keep things interesting.  For instance, we have played hookie from work and gone to two movies, with an al fresco dinner in between. That was an awesome day.  We have attended a couple of ballets (that was more for me of course), arts festivals, and walks along the pier.  This particular date, however, actually came about out of pure luck.  As I was scouring the internet (as I do often), I came across a Groupon for sailing lessons.  Now, as I have stated before, Craig LIVES for the water.  You give him a boat and/or a fishing pole and he is in heaven.  So this groupon, I knew, was going to catapult me into #mostamazingwifeofthecentury status.  Color me excited.

The groupon allowed for a 2 hour sailing tutorial in Pensacola Bay.  I mean, we could go out on a boat for 2 hours?!  Nevermind that Craig already knew how to sail.  We were going on a boat! I could take pictures on a boat!  (Let's be honest, that is what I was most looking forward to.)  I was so excited to give him the news of this find that I couldn't even wait for a special occasion.  So we spent a random June evening on a boat, and had more fun than we should probably admit.  

We had so much fun that we toyed with the idea of buying into a shared sailboat, but then remembered that we have a child and he likes to eat.  Gah, Canon, way to be selfish.  Perhaps one day...

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