Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites

I don't know if you guys can tell from the way I write my blog {um, travel lusting much?}, but I am a dreamer.  I dream all day long, which is probably not so great for the whole getting stuff done at work thing.  Whatever.

Anyway, I thought I would give you a list of some of the things I am dreaming about right now so that you can join me in being completely useless at work {but hey, work that imagination!}.

1.  Aurora Borealis and Deep Space
Craig, Canon, and I were sitting at the table last night watching time lapse videos of the Northern Lights {shot from Norway and Finland} Canon, on several occassions said, "I want to go there!" or "I want to see that!".  That's my boy.

We also watched several compilations of pictures of galaxies and stars.  We are not nerdy at all.

Do yourself a favor and check them out.  I'll wait...
Now, don't you want to don a huge space suit and float around looking at the pretty lights explore the deepest regions of our universe?  Yep, that's what I thought.
2.  e.l.f. Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner
This stuff works pretty well.  Sure it comes off in clumps and makes you look like Swamp Thing in the shower, but at least it doesn't run when you cry like a girl at a certain family wedding wear it all day.
Oh, hello beautiful.  You stay on my eyelids all day and night, and you only cost $2.00?  You're coming home with me.  Yes you are!
3.  Photoshop Lightroom
I received this software for Christmas last year from my precious husband.  I may or may not have actually cried because it took me so off guard. {I am usually the 'surprise!' gift giver - not him}. In any case, I can spend hours editing photos and this software makes it so much easier, and more fun, because of the tons of options you have.  And the batch editing.  Be still my heart. Now if I could just finish those blasted Pittsburgh photos...

If the love of my life were a "thing", it would be the Canon 5D Mark III, which isn't this...but this would be needed also so that counts for something, right?
4.  Charlotte Church
One thing you should know about me - I am obsessed with music.  Not a certain genre of music or a certain artist even.  Music, in general, draws me in.  Craig jokes that when we married he got the better end of the deal because he inherited SO MANY CDs.  {Yes, cd's that were huge then.  Shut it.} If you were to look at my collection, you would see albums and songs from literally around the world.  Depending on my mood, I can go from Top 40 US Hits to African tribal to French cafe to - well you get the point. I will write a music post at some point to highlight those artists or albums that have meant the most to me or that I feel define me.
I was an instant fan when I heard this little 12 year old Welsh girl, Charlotte Church, sing Ave Maria.  I have followed her career as she evolved her style from classical to pop.  Now, she has delved into experimental music.  She has released three of the five planned EP's so far this year {all with a different sound and feel to them} and I have fallen in love with her all over again.  Check it.
Girl, yes.  Every bit of yes.

5.  Instagram
I seriously can't get enough.  I have to force myself not to instagram {definitely now a verb because I say so} every photo I take with my phone.  Honestly, though, who doesn't want to see every photo I take of everything that goes on around me. Who's with me?  Anyone?  Hello?  *crickets*  
Fine, I'll keep my addiction in check.  For now.
Everyone loves chocolates, right?  Let's share the goods!

So, a picture of a wall.  Maybe a few people will think it is as cool as I do!  I should show them.

I just got a box of panties.  No one needs to know that.  But the box is so cute!  Ok, I take a shot of this and show the world.  Why not? {At least I am showing them BEFORE they are in use.  Just sayin'.}

So it may or may not be a problem.  I don't need help though.  I can stop whenever I want. Just one more...

There you have it folks.  Just a few of my favorite things.  Julie Andrews' voice is singing in your head now, isn't it?  You can thank me for that later.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

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