Monday, September 30, 2013

Epic {for Canon} Weekend : Day 1

Craig grew up doing all sorts of outdoor activities: camping, hiking, canoeing, get the idea.  I, on the other hand, grew up dancing ballet, dressing up my dolls, and building pet stores in my bedroom.  Talk about a difference of childhoods.  I have never been camping, let alone canoeing or any of those other "outdoorsy" things. We, however, live in an area with access to all of these types of activities.  Oh yeah, and we have a boy. That means I am overruled when responding to "What you do want to do today?" with "I'd like to style the house" or "Let's find a cool spot in the shade to take pictures!".  Usually a look of utter confusion, followed by disdain comes from both of their faces.  Hmph. Boys.

So when Craig mentioned that he would like to canoe down Cold Water River, which is only half an hour from our house, I am sure he half-expected me to turn it down immediately.  I, however, will try just about anything once so I agreed.  {I mean, fine, initially I was all "ew bugs, snakes, alligators, and spiders?  uh, no."} BUT I realized that I had to try it since my husband enjoys it so much.  Besides, it would get Canon out of the house {and I could take pictures!}.  It wasn't until I was reminded that my camera could very likely get wet that I began to suspect that Craig had suggested this trip solely for the purpose of no pictures.  Little did he know that I could take my phone in a ziploc bag and get plenty of halfway decent {oknotreally} photos of our adventure.

Yes, the water looks like sweet tea.  No, you probably shouldn't drink, though it did look really clear and clean.

We didn't tell Canon what we were doing, mainly because he didn't know what canoeing was, but also because it is fun to surprise him with a new experience.  We went with some friends of ours who happen to have two boys of their own, so Canon had someone to pal around with throughout the day too. 

The river's path has several embankments for you to stop, rest, and play for a while.  We stopped three different times for the kids to run around and so we could all snack and drink ourselves happy.

I spent most of the trip {actually on the water} scanning the banks and river for snakes and alligators.  I must have said something one too many times because Canon decided to yell to our friends in their canoe to "Watch out for alligators!  They are in the water!" - about 50 times.  Craig was not the happiest person on the planet.  He said I was going to give Canon a complex.  I told him that I just wanted our son to live - with both of his hands.  You're welcome honey.


The day was spent relaxing and having fun with our friends.  Not a moment was spent worrying about what's to come.  No talk of stress.  Just fun times rowing down the river. 

Crossing over the bridge on the way home.

I learned a lot this weekend. Nature is a stress-reliever.  Who knew?! {Apparently Craig since he suggested it, but don't tell him I said so.} I'll admit - I was a bit of a girl on the trip.  I mean, a spider actually ended up in the boat RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY KNEE, but I didn't scream or capsize us, so I am going to take it as a win.  Also, I wore tennis shoes and socks, much to the dismay of my husband who couldn't understand why anyone would wear that on the river.  To my credit, I was thinking that the soles would provide more traction on the boat {I was right}, so I am going to go ahead and put another 'W' in my column for that one too.  Then there was the whole "not bringing my bathing suit" thing, but really who wants to swim in sweet tea?!  {Apparently everyone but me}.  Whatever - I didn't freeze my booty off in the icy waters of COLD WATER RIVER.  {Man, I am really racking up points here.} At this rate, I think I can call myself the victor of the day and a total expert in this whole one-with-nature thing. I can already tell that Craig is going to start coming to me for outdoor activity advice.  It's ok, I won't rub it in his face. I'm too much of a lady for that. 

P.S. - If you are near the area and are interested in this adventure, check out Black Water CanoeBonus: Children under 12 are free.

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